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Day 4 – my running challenge

Today I was doing my first 10k of the year, I started running in 2014 and ideally in 2015 I would like to raise £500 for Kleine Levin Syndrome – the condition my son has run a 10k in under an hour run the Great South Run Today was my first running event of 2015 […]

Day 3 – Nifty 50 F stops and Aperture

One again this morning I am in Aperture priority mode on my Canon camera and I am going to look at F-stops to help enhance my own understanding. For this morning’s exercise I have manually focused the camera on the satsuma which was balanced on a mirror, and set the ISO to 100 – I […]

Day 2 – Nifty 50

Not sure I was going to get a photo today – but took the camera and the nifty 50 with me on the dog walk and with that in mind I thought I would try and photograph something then I can fill the frame with and yet enhance some small detail by using the depth […]

Future Challenges

If I am stuck for ideas in future Emma Davies has posted some ideas for a 30 day challenge – there is a whole list of different photos to try and take and it is a place to start it I am looking for inspiration or am suck for an idea … there are all […]

Day 1 -1st Challenge – Nifty 50!

I have a 50mm 1:1.8 Canon Lens – A nifty 50 which I brought to use with my Canon EDS60D DSLR and I really do not know what to do with it or how to use it properly… I know it is a fixed lens with great control over its depth of field, but I […]