I am a trained graphic designer and childcare professional, and I took up photography when I became a full time carer for my son, after he became ill back in 2011 – luckily is health has improved and I have been able to turn what was a world to escape too, a passion, something I love and appreciate and  something that I love to share with others.

Way back in 2015, I started blogging as a way to experiment with new ideas and have a reason to take photos – I blogged everyday for a year and then I continued to share ideas and theme on a wordpress free site – I had a great adventure, I shared lots of photographs and I developed as a photographer, to the extent that in 2018 I gained by LRPS and was no longer a photographer photographing everything but I photographer who enjoyed capturing moments and memories, a photographer who enjoyed working with people and light and a photographer who was keen to carry on experimenting, learning and sharing that knowledge.

In 2018, with my LRPS achieved, I ran out of web space and decided to restart my blog focusing on creating photos for fun and sharing ideas. I am now a professional photographer, I am available to shoot weddings, family events, I love photographing children and I enjoy commercial work utilising my background in graphic design.

I love working with other photograhers, showing them how to achieve different images, and I often work with my husband and assistant – who is a wizard at being my VAL – voice activate light stand.

If you want to visit my commercial site, invite me along to talk or present about photography then I would love to hear from you.

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