2019 – Project Time – February

Highlights from February and a channge of format for my gallery images… this month I have varied the crop to suit the image – I am now posting these regularily on Blipfoto – https://www.blipfoto.com/RenoufDesign as this way I can 100% keep the process on my phone – from taking the photo in camera raw on my phone, editing the image and posting it.

What have I learnt this month?

  • Viewing the photo on a phone screen often makes the photo look better than it is when you look closer and zoom in – this month I played with a zoom lens attachment for my phone and it was a disaster!
  • I tend to use my phone to shoot wide – some times I need to get closer!
  • It is a challenge remembering to take a photo eveyday and somedays it is harder to make a photo than others!