Photo Project Two

January 1st 2018 I posted this post: – a one photo a week photography challenge which I managed to complete during 2017…. I thought I would give it another go – this years topics are… I have not managed to do the photos on the right week this year… but the themes have inspired me to take different photos!


Photo Themes for 2018

Week one – Outside – I took the glass ball, lens on a local walk and capture the world in a bubble with a very shallow depth of field.

Glass Ball.

Manual Settings, Glass Ball to capture the world on a local walk

Week Two – Small – A trip to the Netherlands to meet our Goddaughter’s new baby sister, she is nearly a month old – but she is still small none the less, I took a variety of photos (any photographer would) but this is my favorite small image as I like the sense of scale that you get looking through the bars of her “box” or playpen which she rests in downstairs.


Tessa in her “Box” nearly 4 weeks old.

Week Three – Out of Focus – the nearest shopping centre at dusk, shot out of focus with the idea to use all the lights to create some interesting bokeh.

Bokeh - West Quay

Out of focus lights

Week Four – Door and Window – this image was created at home with a model -using my hall way to frame the shot – and act as a darker background.

17 - Issy in Vogue

In front of the door

Week five – Red – my mum in her red jumper with her new puppy. My mum avoids the camera. There are many times I have offered to take her out and about or tried to capture her with her grandchildren over the years, but she rarely wants me to take photos – I literally have to grab a shot when I can.

Brandy (165 of 188)

Red jumper

Week six – Morning – I am not a morning person, but there is some lovely light in the mornings, this was taken on route to the first morning of a new work location – a photo to represent new beginnings.


Morning Light

Week Seven – Something large – This large hand was photographed in Dublin, it is a large scale sculpture but was full of incredible detail.

A giant hand!

Week Eight – A Silhoutte – in Southampton during the festival of lights – the left is my hubby and the right is my eldest son!


Silhouttes in Southampton

Week Nine – Bokeh, very soft Bokeh created on a snow day in the New Forest – I love getting out in the snow, but it does not happen often here.


Snow days in the New Forest

Week 10 – Fill the Frame

Week 11 – Footpath

Week 12- Fence

Week 13- Broken

Week 14 – Looking Out – my family looking our of the Hot Air Balloon as it took off on our first balloon ride adventure.

Take Off and Shadow Shot...

Take Off and Shadow Shot… Hot Air Balloon

Week 15 – A daily habitat

Week 16 – Messy

Week 17 – In the distance

Week 18 – Sunset – a sunset during a wedding… one of my bucket list photos… and why the bride’s reaction… I asked the groom to whisper in her ear what he would most like for breakfast in the morning… I have no idea what he said… but it made her smile!

580 – Tim and Karla’s wedding – 9th June 2018 by

Week 19 – Flowers

Week 20 – Shadows

Week 21 – Scattered

Week 22 – Something Old

Week 23 – In the Corner

Week 24- Up Close

Week 25 – Out the Window

Week 26 – Movement

Week 27 – Looking Up

Week 28 – Looking Down – I had to include this one… looking down from a hot air balloon at a field below… great view!

Week 29 – One the Shelf

Week 30 – Food

Week 31 – In the shade – captured on a bright sunny day under the pier at B’mouth, and back lit with my OCF, I wanted to capture a moody maternity image.

Maternity shoot with Maria – 37 weeks pregnant with her first daughter, captured in Bournemouth – 2018. Photos by

Week 32 – Colour Blue

Week 33 – On top

Week 34 – Black and White – with very soft tones, captured this moment on the wedding day as the bride breast fed her daughter before going to her wedding… I love the gentle feel that this image has.

027 – Wedding preparation on Karla’s Wedding Day – June 9th 2018.

Week 35 Patterns

Week 36 – More than one

Week 37 – Something small

Week 38 – Symmetry

Week 39 – Leading Lines

Week 40 – Long Exposure – on holiday in the Brecon Beacons and a chance to practice long exposure – this was with a ND500 filter, the Canon M5 and a tiny tripod … I lost my lens cap in the process but luckily not my camera!

Highlights from May Bank Holiday weeked, May 2018. Waterfalls, sunshine, caves and mopuntain tops.

Week 41 – On a walk in the New Forest with friends… I like to hand back and get a shot of people walking off into the distance, and I really like it when my friends where a red top to enhance my photo – thanks Louise.

Week 42 Negative space – this little cutie down on the beach, was a great photo to include an area of megative space… room to add text or show the expanse of the ocean.

Austin enjoying a trip to the seaside – creating memories – by

Week 43 Abstract

Week 44 Rule of thirds

Week 45 – In the mirror

Week 46 – Geometric shapes – looking through the round key hole in the jail door to the square window and the sunshine beyond… 2 geometric shapes … and a feeling on wanting to escape.

Kilmainham Gaol opened in 1796 as the new County Gaol for Dublin. It closed its doors in 1924.

Week 47 – Balance

Week 48 – Metal

Week 49 – Sparkles – the magic of fairies captured in the wood with a sprinkling of fairy dust added in photoshop and some gelled off camera flash!

A sneak peak from a photoshoot this evening with two amazing little fairies. Thank you for being great sports!

Week 50 – Something hot

Week 51 – Seasonal

Week 52 -Holiday

Footnote: When a scheduled post goes live and you realise that you really did let the challenge slide in 2018… oops! Must try harder in 2019!