2019 – Project time – January.

I failed in my photography in 2018, I experimented less, I made less time for it, I avoided my challenges but my wish list of opportunities grew.

So 2019… I am back to a 365 project – one photo a day but this time captured on a mobile, edited on a mobile and posted in a monthly round up. It could be a behind the scenes, a location, a random snap… no pressure, posted as a series once a month… but only one photo… a chance for me to look back at the opportunities 2019 brings and a chance to make new ones!

Photo one - footpath sign

1st January 2019 – 1 / 365 – New paths ahead

Running view

2nd January – my running view

3rd January - Seals on the beaches of the Broads

3rd January – Seals on the beaches of the Broads.

This was a bonus, had to drive to Great Yarmouth and had time to stop at a random beach… and was thrilled to discover it was popular with seals. I never expected to get close to them this year.


4th January – Most Easterly point in the UK

Started the day later than planned after a broken down van and an AA call out. Quickly stopped off at the UK’s most Easterly point on a grey, bland day without stopping the van for a long 6 hour drive home.

natures frame

Morning Walk – Natures frame

A day spent catching up in the garden but first a morning walk.

Day 6 – chores in the garden, new year, new tasks to be done.

A day gardening … hard to create an interesting photo out of doing chores.

Gorse reminds me of winter sunshine

Day 7- winter sunshine captured on the mornings walk

Lepe Beach morning

Early morning at Lepe Beach

Day 8 – lots of opprtunities today but I am going with this one, a morning sunrise view with the local camera club.

accessible keyhaven

Day 9 – keyhaven

Shooting into sun is a challenge on my phone. This view at Keyhaven changes with the season a different version of which I have in print!

morning frost on leaf

10 Morning Frost

A frosty morning today, using the Lightroom camera on my Samsung s8 I was able to manual focus – to select the frosted leaves from the surroundings.

I was though this camera had more zoom….the three fallow deer stood with their legs deep in frost grass backlit by the sun would have been tje image I liked to have taken… instead I just enjoyed the moment!

11 – sunset

A day spent gardening again and a photo of the bird bath at the end of the day.

12 – exploring

A day out with photographers aiming to shoot dawn at Durdle Door.. not much of a dawn… so we enjoyed a visit to Tywnham.

13 – Autumn leaves

A forest walk and autumn leaves reflecting on the pond.

14 sunrise

Too lazy to get out of bed.. sunrise from my bedroom window!

15 depression

When I started taking photography more seriously I did a course with three friends – our photography took us on different journeys and we all still creat images.

One friend is doing a degree, today she shared news of an exhibition she visited – https://threelanternsphotos.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/exhibition-small-town-inertia – and talked about how the images left her feeling.

Looking around, today feels grey – it is overcast, it can get you down and you can be trapped in the world you are in – no escape through the wire… but there is always sunshine after rain.

The exhibition left my friend feeling down, that people still suffer, but the photographer did not just record the suffering, he became a friend – he made a difference, he shared their story and by being there showed he cared.

I know I can’t change the world, but I can try and be a friend, I can offer support – not necessary the right support but fresh ideas and a different view, well trying to understand theirs… and by remembering we all have our own version of “normal” and I always have a choice to get tied down by the grey or reach for the sunshine and keep reaching…

16 – Mac Cheese

Dinner Time – cooked by my daughter – homemade Mac Cheese and salad, I am glad she learnt to cook!

Day 17 – Finding Colour

Another grey day, but to follow on for yesterday there is also colour to be found. These huts were washed away in the storm a few years back but they have been rebuilt, are more accessible than before and add a splash of colour.

18 Scones

A day doing household chores so here is some freshly baked scones in the kitchen.

19 British Wildlife

A lovely photo exhibition at our local museum and art gallery – looking at are is a great way to inspire new ideas.

woodland sunshine

20 – woodland sunshine

A lovely 13.5km walk in the New Forest with friends.

21 Misty Morning[

A misty morning dog walk.

22 Family Time

A midweek treat a lovely meal out with my favorite people.

23 LRPS talk

Camera Club tonight and I presented about my LRPS panel.

24 Bathtime

Almost missed the photo today… a busy day for chores ans then time to unwind.

25 Cityview

A place to explore and enjoy – the old city and a new build….shame they use the pavement as a car park.

26 Another Day in the garden

Another day in the garden – today was digger day, garden is now nearly cleared and next we will be ordering turf!

27 warm by the fire

Another day in the garden and no time for photography… at the end of a long day it was warm by the fire.


28 Snowdrops in the winter sun

A visit to Kingston Lacey National trust with a friend to capture the snowdrops.


29 Parrot

The great thing about phone photography as you can put the camera upto the side of the cage and sneak between the bars.

30 New Forest at Dawn

Another early forest morning with another group of photographers capturing the start of the day.


31 Texture

Final photo – a texture collected on my walk today.

Round up

This was a hard challenge, I have hated being restricted with the lack of zoom and he 16:9 format… it has made composition a huge challenge and I have wished I could include more zoom without loosing quality. But already I feel my phone camera has potential.

A photo a day … makes my life feel unexciting, but when I look back I have done stuff… but it also makes time go too fast. I shall try and carry on… sticking to phone photography but next month choosing the crop that works best for the image.