I was invited out by a photography friend to take photos at Portland in Dorset, I had the day free… so thought why not… but on the way I took a detour to a Poppy field in Dorset that my friend Karen had kindly told me about – thanks Karen. It was a couple of fields of Pink Poppies – which are in fact – this year’s crop were a variety, grown for their seeds which will be harvested for bread and other foods, as I understand it.

The poppies are in flower and with the current sunshine in the UK, I knew that capturing them would be a little challenge, I had seen photos from later in the day and I really hoped that at 7am in the morning, I would have some nice light…  but it was already too late in the day  I think – sunrise or sunset would be better… as the sun rises the pink colour is blown out by the sunshine.  I tried to capture a few different shots of the field, so am sharing my favorites below:

Highlights from the Poppy Field

Exploring the Coast

We then headed onto Portland and enjoyed breakfast and then the sunshine on the Coast… the sun was very bright, it was a glorious day that meant that there were lots of people about too, I had my polarising filter on my lens which reduced some of the glare on the water… although it is now stuck on my step up ring… and had some fun wandering around the headland trying to capture a different view without too many summer visitors in it, with a sense of scale, as the morning progressed it certainly got busier with people – but it is amazing how few walk further than a few yards from the car park.

We were there till lunch time and then we headed onto Kimmeridge… popular again with people, but not as busy as it could have been – it was high tide, and if you walked a little way you could get an almost people free shot of the beach… however we ended up pretty much sitting in the sunshine and just enjoying the view… I want to go back with a kayak perhaps and get some shots much closer to the water, and when the tide is a little further out

What did I learn from today:

  • Clean my sensor –
  • These were all taken with my Canon 5D mark iii and 28-300mm L lens with a Hoya Pro CPL, and if I am using this – taking a grey card reading at the start would make editing much easier.
  • Carrying a heavy camera and lens on a day in hot sunshine is not always worth the effort (sshhh… don’t tell my hubby) and actually I am more than happy with the photos on my smaller Canon M5 camera and even my phone camera – the shot below I think highlights it is composition, light and seeing the shot that is more important.

Phone Snaps!

So did the heavy canon camera or the samsung phone take better photos…I personally think for online blog use – the phone might even win this one, as it was a lot lower risk of damage, easier to protect from waves, a lot lighter on a hot day… didn’t have the zoom which I had gone out with… but for wider angle shots… I think I may be using it more often!

What do you think?