Our GDPR statement


RenoufDesign will use the information you provide us with to stay in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing relating only to our business.

You can change your mind at any time:

Depending on how we are communicating with you, you can

  • clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any marketing email you receive from us
  • by contacting us at design@renouf.co.uk.
  • by unliking /unfollowing any of of social media platforms.

We will treat your information with respect, and we promise not to share your email address or contact details with anyone.


Our understanding is that photographs are not data,  they become data only when personal information is added to the images and this is why we ask for a model release sign to be completed as part of your contract (commercial shoot) or for the use of images for a TFP shoot.

So if we are photographing various events the following applies:

  • Schools and Nurseries and Youth Groups – as of April 2018 we identify the setting but do not identify the children in the albums. The setting chooses whether they would like the album passworded or not and photos can be ordered directly. At RenoufDesign we can’t identify the children, as we are not given that infomation during the shoot.
  • Weddings and Event Photography – we request permissions from the event organiser to photograph the event to create online galleries and we are unable to identfy any personal images – if your images is included in the album you are welcome to contact us for removal – but we need to know the URL of the image, and have evidence that is your image to remove it, as until you identify the photo, in is not known data. If you are at a guest at the wedding and do not want your data recorded then please let us know before hand and avoid standing with the bridal party.
  • Contracted Shoots and TFP’s – we ask that a model release is signed and this is included in part of our contract. It is your choice whether it is a secure (passworded album or not) and you request removal from our site at any time.
  • Street photography and public events – the photos are not data as we  do not have personal information on the people included – if they are named / tagged on social media we have no way of knowing if this information is accurate.

When photographing people

  • We would try not to hold any data of any children at all, unless a model release is signed.
  • We do not add location settings to my images
  • We avoid including ID information when possible.

Above – a sample shot from our online galleries – we can identify the children included.

Our online galleries

  • Our online galleries can be passworded on request.
  • Images included in the galleries can be purchased as prints and digital filesm, and once sold we have no responsibility for those images.
  • It is your right to request a photograph or gallery is removed if you can identify them. And we are happy to do that.

Please note:

  • As a professional photographer – a photo only becomes data when a person is identified in written form (full name).
  • If you contact us asks for data on a child or an adult in a photograph, unless the photos have full names on them or some way of identifying them outside my personal unwritten knowledge then I have no data on them. ie if you were looking for data on “Daisy Jones” and even if know who she is and can recognise her and know I have taken her photo, unless I have named the image with her full name or connected the photos to her name in someway I have no data of the photo exisiting. This applies even if a 3rd party has identified the person as we do not know it is accurate.
  • If a parent or adult identifies a photo (and can provide evidence of ownership) from the photo reference on my website or proof card then that photo BECOMES DATA and they can request to have it removed. They can also request to have the data sent to them but I have the right to refuse this request on commercial grounds as photographs and digital images are my product. They can request for the photo to be deleted, but if in is in a group situation we have the option to blur the face and remove any identifiers. Doing this means that it is no longer data.

Request Removal

Anyone can request in writing at a later date to have their photos deleted from you data if they identify themselves in your photos. However any sales or distribution of those images prior to that request will be honored as up untill the image is identified it is a product and not data. At any photography opportunity people can not ask us to delete photos from ours camera as we have up to 4 weeks to comply, and the photo itself is not data as all our files are renamed on processing specific to the event.

So in summary:

The photographs we take are not data, they can become data if we associate a full (first and surname) with an image from MAy 2018  – a photo only become data once is idenfiable and that person can request removal of any image, so the event organiser / contract holder / bride and groom need to ensure that all their guests are happy to be in the photograps – as otherwise one of the party could request their key wedding images have their idenfiable image blurred at their request.

Below a sample wedding photo with guests blurred on request under GDPR rules.