Photo project

52 week photo project was suggested online here and I decided to give it a go… let’s see what happens and whether I can take a photo each week based on a theme…. chosen by someone else.


1 – Something from everyday

The first challenge – something everyday … this is the field on my local dog walk, about a 5 minute walk from my home… I love how everyday it is different, different weather, different clouds, different crops growing, different people to say hello too, yet it is the same… it is just an everyday location that few people notice!


2 – The Shadow Diet

The theme for week 2 is shadows, you start a new year with a new diet and a healthy eating challenge,  with the thought to become a shadow of your former self… eating less is the way forward.


Something that makes me smile

Week 3 – “Something that makes you smile” – a commercial photography project for some branded chocolate as their regular photographer was unable to help. Lots of sentimental love messages, chocolate and photo creativity!

The sunset reflected on my car.

The sunset reflected on my car.

Week 4 – fog, fog and more fog… finally on the last day of the week -a sunset behing me as I drove back from a birthday photoshoot. I stopped, I watched a different view so I photographed the reflection on my car.


Live Music Gig

Week 5 – Out of Focus, live music gig at Mr Kyps with the band and lighting shot out of focus for this week’s theme, using a wide aperture I focused in the audience leaving the band out of focus.

SF Ball in Southampton - Saturday

Daleks at the Grand Hotel

Week 6 – Symmetry, I spent the weekend at the SF Ball taking photos of the event at the Grand Hotel, the lifts were the perfect symmetrical image but it did not really showcase the event, so I created my own image inspired by the Daleks  and one of the characters there.


Southampton Light Festival and off camera flash

Week 7 – Light – what a great week for the Valentines Light Display at the newly opened West Quay, and after my recent Light training workshop with Andrew Appleton – I got to experiment and captured a photo like this – exposing for the ambient and then adding a little on camera fill light just where I needed it. Delighted with the result.


A New Forest Pony grazing

Week 8 – Leading Lines – the road leads you into the image, with the pony as the subject moving into the space – the low angle means you can follow the line of the image to the bright spot beyond – inspiring you to explore more of the image and making you wonder what else there is to explore.

The River Stour - Blandford Forum in Dorset.

Different Types of Movement on the River Stour

Week 9 – Movement – Tow very different short of the same river… one with a 10 stop ND filter to blur the movement on the water, and the 2nd to capture the weir of the river at speed showing the movement and the power of the water. Highlighting how if you just walk a few meters, you can get a totally different view – captured in Blandford Forum with the Barsnaps Crew!


Out in Nature

Week 10 – Out in Nature – the real force of nature is the ocean – so with a fast shutter speed and careful control over the exposure I captured Sparky just coming out of the sea, the waves crashing behind him and the surf dripping off his fur.


Yellow – A rare local site

Week 11 – Pick a colour – it has to be yellow, the air ambulance landed for an incident at the end of my road, the yellow grass, the yellow helicopter and the blue sky make a dramatic picture, I shot low and upwards to give room for it to take off into and kept the people in the shot for a sense of scale.

Week 12 – Water … my aim was to take a photo of the river Thames – that runs through London – I got a great shot of the London Eye and Westminster Bridge reflected in the mud and was thrilled. I went with the idea of capturing my son there is a suit as he had an interview … I just had to add both to this week’s selection!


Sunset in Somerset

Week 13 – Creative Framing – sunset in Somerset with a group of fellow photographer – it is a selfie of me, and then let by my flash inside Glastonbury Tor at sunset – the first time I tried anything like this… the tower makes a natural frame for us, and the wide angle captures the atmosphere of the moment.

RenoufDesign-6659Week 14 – Sky – captured the same weekend at the above shot as we climbed up the Tor, I loved how their shapes were silhouetted against the sky – the sheep dog, the separation between the rucksack and the person carrying it and all the equipment shapes.

RenoufDesign-7208Week 15 – I am not a morning person, so for the theme of “Morning” a 9.30am walk with a friend – tied the two together and it was lovely to catch up. I wanted to include the gorse colour with the Canadian geese.

RenoufDesign-084516 – Self Portrait (almost) directions were given to my camera buddy and he took the photo with manual settings, and manual flash – it worked!


Natures Circle

17 – This week’s theme is circles – I have chosen a daisy, it has a great life circle – growing every summer, it’s yellow centre represents the sun and is circular and it has a great way of just appearing. I shot low… really low using the canon G7 for the daisy’s view of the world and to add a different sense of scale.


18 – Food  I failed this week, as my aim is to take a photo of that theme in the week that the theme was set, as the food shoot planned was postponed… so I worked ahead and have now sneaked this one in…


Time – the old fashion time piece

19 – Time taken to experiment with Gel flash in bright sunshine, and a dandelion clock. I took a couple of hours this weekend to experiement with creative gels, the magmod grid and my canon flash off camera to see what I could achieve without processing in photoshop.


Tube Selfie

20 – Long Exposure, a tube selfie … I spent the day in London, and this was taken handheld on the canon G7x, not a really long exposure but long enough to show the movement of the train and the reflection of myself and my hubby in the window.


Fake Bokeh with a bracelet

21 – Bokeh/Blur a bottle of coke at Sprinkles with my daughter, the Canon G7 and a crystal bracelet, I shot through the bracelet to create the artistic style shot that I wanted.


Twin Candles

22 – Macro – a close up on the bottle candles that the twins had for their 18th birthday, my 100mm maco lens and a small piece of pipe – all done in camera to create this awesome effect.


Quiet in Wales

23 – Quiet – a weekend away in Wales with some photography friends and then a couple of days with hubby at Anglessy and this shot emphasis to me quiet… it was a misty grey day, visibility poor, so lovely soft light and there was a yacht race on, however there was no wind… changing the white balance to tungsten, I captured this.

Wales Weekend

Weekend in Wales

24 – Joy – a landscape shot which represents joy to me – my hubby, my dog, 4 days away without the children and out of phone range… this for me is joy, cause with my eldest having a medical condition where at times he needs 24-7 care with little notice, to achieve something like this when we have been dealing with the condition since 2011.. is pure joy… the freedom for them to be independent and us to escape!

Mateusz 5

ISo100, F2.8, 1/200sec and some flash -41mm

25 – my choice of image…. not really my choice, more the judges choice, it won my my first 10 and a seal in the advance class of camera club this week.



London Abstract

Week 26 – Pattern – this is a building in London and the patterns just grabbed me, so it is my chosen shot this week!

27 – Details matter for product shots, so these were taken on location in the New Forest and the details add to the story, wooden jewellery handcrafted photographed on a hand crafted seat in a conservation area.

Wooden Necklace and Earings

Product shoot on location

28 – “Small” this weeks theme, and as I attended a clients 60th Birthday party I choose to incorporate this scene… it was a noticeboard with 60 facts on it about the birthday boy and I wanted to capture some of the small details… born 60 years ago weighing 10 pound, a note from the birthday boys mum. A small fact, a small detail – but a memory from 60 years ago and my aim is to capture moments and memories so this was perfect!

Les 60th Birthday (83 of 168)

29 – A large theme, led me to open skies, a light house and some wire wool photography on what was almost the longest day of the year – a wide angle lens and thinking big to create an image with a large sense of scale.

BarSnaps Adventures

Hurst Castle, Wire Wool, a touch of light painting and almost the longest day!

30 – Your Street – almost the local High Street in the sunshine on parade day with my dog, I was actually setting up my camera to video the parade and was looking for a different view point that would not be obstructed by people. My aim was to capture a different view of a street for the theme, so this to me is perfect!


My local High Street captured from the dogs view point for his facebook page!

31 – The Path Less Traveled – a great theme… for me a pathless travellled is travelled by many others… this is our families very first trip to Gatwick and our first plane journey – the kids age 18, 18 and 19, and my first at age 43, so definately a path less travelled.


A path less travelled

32 – Silhouettes this one was taken in Rome – I saw the window and imagined the photo. Having spent a few days in Rome for the first time ever I really get why people compain about the harshness of light during the day – as it was my first visit somewhere hot… just sunshine, bright sunshine and blue skies… I really began to appreciate what great and interesting light we have here in the UK.


Looking into the Colosseum

33 – Up Close – and I just had to take some photos of some toes… these are with the clients wedding ring which give the image a real sense of scale.

Ellis almost 4 weeks old - 33

Ellis toes – up close and detailed.

34 – Funky – what’s funky, something that is a little different perhaps – spotting these baby swans in a London park and shooting them on my G7 with a wide angle view I think is a little different and a little funky!


35 – Abstract – the stairs in the Tate – I just liked the patterns that the lines made so I was inspired to capture a photo with the curves leading around the image.


36 – A Stranger – with event photography you are often capturing strangers, some like having their photo taken more than others, the evil star of this subject told me she did not want to be photographed. This event was photographed as part of a commercial assignment.

RenoufDesign_Buffet (7 of 7)

37 – Indoors – in a church at a Christening is a challenge to work with the available light to capture the moment – the story is occuring quietly, so it is tricky to record the whole story and make the most of bad light.

Mia's Christening - 018

Christening time

38 – On The Shelf, the perfect topic to try a studio set up with local model Issie, this was shot in my home studio, with a carboard shelf, a plastic fake window and some water – and the star characters of the Elf for this week’s topic.21 Naughty or Nice - Santas Elves in action, trapped behing glas

Elf on Shelf39 – Sunrise in the New Forest – I am not an early morning person but I had the opportunitiy to attend a Canon Pro morning in the New Forest with a couple of established photographers and I had a lovely quiet morning – I got to use a tilt and shift lens and see what it added to the shot, but my favorite from the session was shot on the canon M5.


Dawn landscape - canon M5 - 17mm - 15-45mmlens

Sunrise with Canon

40 – Negative Space – Issie in the studio, lit by one side light, off camera flash gridded to narrow the light, the negative space was then used to add fake bokeh and a saying…  showing how negative space can be used in a positive way.

22 Like Star dust Glistening on Fairy Wings, Little Girls Dream

Negative Space

41 – Beginnings – perfect timed for this week… an engagement shoot, an engagement is the start of a new beginning… a couple together and their journey through life…

Katie&Chris (16 of 379)

Engagement Shot

42 – Endings – Autumn is the end of summer… the bucks in the New Forest at the end of the season when they fight for their areas and when they are likely to knock off their amazing antlers…. all these signs mark the end of the summer season and the arrival of a quieter time of year for holidays.



43 – Texture – I discovered how to dry out rose petals and see how they can be incoporated into a models make up, texture and details really add something to an image, but when working close up the make up has to be 100% right… this make up artist was new to working with photographers and in some of the shots you could really spot the minor mistakes.

011 - Spooktacular Fun with Belle Rosa

Make Up Artist

44 – Imagination – a photoshoot with a make up artist, 5 models and my kitchen… adding props, smoke, material add’s to the story of the shot, who would know this was taken in front of my garage door… story telling is essential and visuallising the potential results.

080 - Spooktacular Fun with Belle Rosa

Story Telling

45 – Smiles – Freddie has got to be a very reluctant subject, but here I was delighted to capture a smile – working in studio I was playing peek a boo with a leaf and I just love the effect that I captured here.

MiaPumpkim_RenoufDesign (1 of 1)


46 – Lazy Days, I was slightly out of sync for this one… but lazy days sitting on the sofa eating marshmellows and enjoying the wood burner – lazy days are perfect for Christmas tree light bokeh

untitled (62 of 72)

47 – In The Air, wow, this was an impressive feet – the birds were swooping and swirling above Brighton Pier – it was amazing to watch and it so lovely to be able to capture a land mark differently!

Day (52 of 151)

48 – Worms Eye View – getting down low and taking photos of children at their level, it can be hard to get the wrting and background right.. but it helps you glimpse into their world.

Family (408 of 419)_Extra

49 – On A Walk – I was challenged to take 7 black and white photos not containing people, so I choose 7 images within a mile of home on my local walk.


50 – In The Wind – a visit to the seaside to capture the weather and the waves blowing in the wind.

untitled (116 of 204)

Windy days at the cost

51 – Looking Down from the birds nest to the tree top trail… they are already high above the path, but by getting hirer I am still able to look down on some fellow photographers!

04- Westonbrit - National Arboretum Highlights

Westonbrit Aboretum tree top trail

52 – Underneath – OK maybe not what you think of when the clue is underneath … but underneath their clothes were size amazing guys who are putting on the full monty – they stripped off for thios shoot and it was a really interesting opportunity that I would have never thought possible.

435 - Full Monty

Full Monty Publicity Photos for Bournemouth & Boscombe Light Opera Company (BBLOC) – Spring 2018 performance.

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