October 2015 I took some photos of Freddie for Halloween – his mum carved the pumpkins, brought the outfits and I provided the studio space (my kitchen), the lights and the smoke and took some photos – the results of which can be viewed here: https://renoufdesign.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/day-294-photography-is-about-having-fun/

35 - Pumpkin's with Mia

Freddie and Mia 2017

Two years on and Freddie has a little sister and mum asked me if I would repeat the photos… a perfect opportunity to see whether I had improved or not, and it was a really interesting experiment, and to capture a growing boy.

So what do I know now…

  • the shape of the pumpkin matters
  • it is a lot easier to set the lights up and make them work – I am not nervous, and if the camera is not showing the results I want to capture I know what to change
  • A little bit of magic always helps
  • iron my back drop 🙂
  • my colours pop straight out of camera and my lighting is much more controlled and her face is much better lit
  • it is easier with a sitting baby – but nothing is impossible!
  • Getting a camera shy toddler to even be in the shot is even more challenging
06 - Pumpkin's with Mia

A fun pumpkin themed shoot with nearly sitting Mia – with pumpkins carved by mum.

Adding Smoke - ISO100, F8, 1/200sec,19 mm focal length

A photo of Freddie from 2 years earlier

Memories and moments are magical – 2 years on and you can not create the same image, the moment is gone, you no longer have a baby but a small boy – a person with his own personality and if you dont print or even taken photos of those moments… before you know it those moments have gone!

MiaPumpkim_RenoufDesign (1 of 1)

Happiness – Freddie two years on

You are welcome to view all the images here: http://www.renoufdesign.co.uk/Photos/Photo-Galleries/Happy-Halloween/