Loving my MagMods 2

My MagBeam – on the first post #MagMod post … I explained I was yet to give it a try…. today I did …it is my youngest two children’s 18th birthday, any my eldest son brought them a set of miniatures and I thought perfect time to play with the magbeam, a coloured gel and a gobo…


This is my set up… pretty basic some black card, blocking the light from the doorway and underneath the bottles, some clear plastic from an old photo frame for the reflection…. my canon 600 flash with the magbeam slightly behind the bottles, and an AD200 with Mag grid and mag sphere combination in front – it makes a lovely soft light.


Behind the scenes set up shot – pretty basic and unimpressive.

Researching the Magbeam I have discovered that a zoom of around 135 is great for adding the effect of the Gobo’s – this is possible on my canon lens, but the AD200 has a fixed zoom of 35mm (I believe) – but it does work on both. I have also worked out that the power of the flash has to be low … I used it on 1/8 power – if you turn it up to high it overpowers the gel and you loose colour. Not what I wanted.

So what happened when I put the camera in manual… choose my settings to create a dark scene and only light the subjects and the background by the two flashes shown…  honestly… MAGIC!


The only thing that changed in these two images was the Gobo shape and the colour gel.. and yet the photos have gone from something anyone could capture – to something that is unique to the photographer who has control of the flash…..  I can’t wait to have another go!

Mag gels and MagSphere at a Party!

One of my ideas is to create party shots with the Magsystem – which are unique to me, something people with a phone can’t capture and something that can add a little bit of atmosphere to my final shots. Practicing with a client is hard, so with my children’s 18th birthday it was a great time to practice.

I used 2 Ad200 on stands at 1/8th power diagnoally accross the room – one gelled red and the other blue (I used a gel holder, and the magbeam without a lens in it to hold the gels), I then added the sphere to my on camera flash, put it on TTL -1 stop, and manually choose my settings and the results were just what I imagined.

20170520-18th Birthday-2415

Red and Blues gels, Sphere on camera


Capturing the party! ISO 640, F8, 1/200

 Magbeam for wildlife

Not the ideal conditions with bright sun light so almost impossible to over lower it, but I did discover that the magbeam is happy to be held on my flash, on my spyder belt for the duration of a 5km walk without it falling off. That is impressive.

Not much wildlife – so I had to use the dog, and it hard working out how to position the beam so that it is central to the lens – and you have to shoot fairly central…


ISO800, 150mm focal length, 1/4000 sec f5.6 full power flash on left, I exposed for the background, same shot, same settings on the right but no flash…. I was shooting into the sun – you can see by the shadows and although the flash is quite a harsh light it can really make a difference.

MagGrid and MagGels

Still experimenting with these… but so far I have tried using them as a hair light to make it look like the sun is catching a person’s hair and to light smoke to add to a story – there are some examples which I posted on the 21st June.

This is an example of the mag gel in action on a white umbrella during the blue hour with my hubby and my son… I was delighted with how you could add some stunning colour to the shot… I now want to experiment with lighting their faces separately!


Two reluctant models and some flash fun!

And a another this time taken just before sunset…  with the maggrid on camera – the light is harsh, but the spill is controlled and it lights them against the last of the evening colour…  there are so many opportunities to experiment… but it is hard as the longest day approaches!


Maggrid on camera