Loving my MagMods

I have been looking for a while for some MagMods to add to my camera flash units because I really like being able to control light on and off camera and I have come to realise these are pretty amazing accessories to own. I started my collection with a MagSphere and a Mag Grip – both purchased through Amazon Uk with Jack the Hat being the UK supplier.

I then knew I had to get some more… and thanks to Jack the Hat – being the price I could find in the UK, I decided to add to my collection and I am now the proud owner of:

  • 3 mag grips – you need these to attach the accessories to the flash – I use one on my canon 600 ex speedlite and the other on 2 AD200’s.
  • a Magsphere – my first purchase and it create a lovely soft light on camera – ideal for balancing with ambient light and adding that little bit of sparkly in the eyes. particularly when working with children.
  • A Magbounce – easily pops onto of the camera and allows me to bounce light back in – I love using this off camera outdoors when I dont have anything to bounce the light back off, but I want more control and more light than with the sphere, really helpful when trying to over power the sun.
  • A Magsnoot – I love creating spotlights – this is the tool for this and easily popped onto the camera…. although I have not experimented with this fully yet.
  • A MagBeam – first impression, this is awesome – something you can have fun with an add something to a shot to create something different, as well as the opportunity to add light to wildlife images – something I have yet to try!
  • A MagGrid – a way to narrow down the beam of light from the flash to add more control, and that can be stacked with some of the other modifiers!
  • Standard and Creative Gels these are designed to fit perfectly into the various modifiers and enable you to create some really different looks.

So what are they – if you click the links your will see, but it essence they are lightweight, washable ways of controlling light on my flash that can be added to the camera in seconds – they are held on by magnets and they just hand in tight no matter where you shoot and even if you carry your camera upside down and help create amazing lighting effects, and I have had the opportunity to experiment with them over the last few weeks.

Harsh sunlight – midday!

The harsh sunlight was to the client’s left, not ideal shooting conditions, but with a mag grid and gel on an AD200 flash behind the models head I was able to seperate her hair from the field behind, and create a glow…

Maria 41

Mag grid with orange gel behind the model to add some separation to her hair – model lit by the sun to her left.

Woodland Magic – Cloudy Day

A cloudy day in the bluebell wood and the Magsphere on camera was able to add a touch more light into the light girls face, this has been edited with fairies and wings,  but the magshere provided some lovely soft light that just lit her face a little more.

Bluebell Wood magic

Fairy Magic with the Magsphere on camera in a bluebell wood.


A magbeam behind the performers, with a orange gel and the mag mask to create an orange spotlight behind the models, the front was then lit with a soft box and a mag bounce as a fill light … The idea was to create a showtime look in a rehearsal hall, and I had a white backdrop behind them which only covered a small area of the available space.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert 15

Showtime with a Magbeam behind the models with an orange gel and a magmask shaping the light – softbox model left, and magbounce model right

Story time

In the same overcast wood as the bluebell shot above, but this time lit with a mount bounce, warmed up the white balance a little to give the warmth of a story by the firlight and cut out the ambient – one flash (AD200) with one modifier and a totally different look…  the shadows are quite harsh as the light was close to the subjects to overcome the ambient.

Issie and Sara 44

Bedtime stories – in day light – magbounce models left.

Fun with Colour

As well as portraits, I thought it would be important to showcase other subjects – this is a simple dandelion in a wood on a sunny day, I killed most of the ambient, added a creative gel and a grid to narrow down the light and changed the colour of the subject.


Coloured Artistic Gels and grid in a wood at Midday

Summer time – fake!

For this couple shot – late morning, I wanted to give the impression of the afternoon sun shining through the trees – so a magsphere with a CTO gel behind the models hat pointing into the camera lens produced a nice lens flare and the impression the sun was shinning through the trees.

Rainny 8

Magboob behind and CTO

Smoke and Gels

The same wood – this time with a small soft box in front of the model, a grided light behind her – you can just see a glimpse of the separation on her neck, and then behind the smoke a blue gel which lit up the wood and the smoke from behind. 3 lights stands needed – but I was able to create this shot on my own in the wood and it was my first attempt at working with smoke.

Rainny 34

Mag grid behind model, mag gel behind smoke, soft box model left.

New Born Moments

A magspere , off camera in the clients home to capture the new born babies feet in the sign of a love heart on her parents knee, baby was awake, there was limited room, but the sphere enable me to create some nice bright light to work with to create a couple os shots.

Mia 71

Magbood – models right.

I have still not tried the Magsnoot, I want to play more with the gels and the effects that I can add to the image, and I want to reviste the Magbeam and learn how to make the most out of it for wildlife images… so I may post again – but so far I would 100% recommend these products…

Why #Magmod?

  • They enable you to create an image that iphone photographers can’t capture.
  • They are light, flexible – stay on camera yet are easily removable
  • With a small amount of kit, 2/3 off camera flashes I have the ability to use one location to create different shots and it is light enough for me to carry.
  • They are versatile,  enable you to be creative on location

Where do you get them?

I got mine in the UK from Jack the Hat, great price and great customer services…  and looking at the variety of uses they have… I wish I had found them sooner! Jack the Hat can be found here:

Jack the Hat Photographic

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    Wow Helen, Timothy from Magmod here, thank you so much for the write up! Great job showing the different uses of the product! We love Jack the Hat as well. So glad you were able to find him!

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