A different view of London – 2 days in the capital and a chance to explore a variety of locations all with the G7 camera with the idea to capture to buildings, the moments, and the variety that was on offer, that could offer meaning to me. It was also a chance to visit a bucket list location – the Sky Garden (I would recommend) and some other interesting locations….


Changing of the Guard

We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard in London – we did not know it was happening, so this highlight the importance of having a camera in your hand, rather than in your bag – means you can capture the moment and the memory!


Diana’s memorial and my hubby!

Walking up through the parks – it was great to visit the monuments and statues and take time to enjoy the sunshine – to create shots that a little different – it is about composing them differently, adding something that has meaning to me as that way it will bring back memories of the adventure.


The White Garden at Kensington Palace

Some London landmarks are there for ever, some just for a season… some offer a tranquil space and a beautifully designed and their design should reflected in the composition of the final image. The white garden was created to mark Princess Diane 20th anniversary of her death, I can still remember waking up to the news, I was pregnant at the time with my eldest and brought his pushchair that day.


The Design Museum – how design is everywhere

One of the many free museums in London – the building itself was all about design, as well as the objects that were in it – and we was really interesting to think about design impacts everything – from the changing designs of the camera to images we design to share, and the impact of colour on everything!


Design Museum

The design museum was full on interesting things to look at, from the building itself – and it is amazing how everything really is influenced by design, by patterns, and purpose.


The roof of the Westfield Centre

The roof of Wesfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush – an amazing shopping centre – thoughtfully designed … but totally over whelming for someone who is not into shopping, I would have no idea where to start… but the zones and open space of the building were great to explore, and light was everywhere!


Ward Thomas – Shepherds Bush Live

A complete contrast – a concert on stage – having a camera manage alsorts of light conditions and be small enough to fit in your pocket is a great reason to experiment with different cameras – having the freedom to shoot in AV, dial in exposure compensation to get the look I wanted was perfect in the G7!


The monument in the city

A visit up the monument in London saw us climb 311 steps in the top – a great experience – but no bags… so another reason to climb with a light weight camera and if you look down the centre of the stairwell you can just make out my rucksack! There is no way I would have left my camera equipment there!


Inside the monument

The G7 camera raw function really paid off with the above shot – IS06400, 1/40sec, f4.5 at at 8.8mm focal length – amazingly I could easily handhold the camera – it was very grainy, but with some editing in lightroom with sharpening and noise reduction, I got a usable image. I am impressed with the flexibility the camera offers.


Above London with a view to St Pauls

Looking down on London from the top of my wish list view point… somewhat higher than the monument – the Sky Garden – and despite being hazy, a great view and the camera was able to record all the details of the city below.


The Sky Garden – my selfie

My view of the Skygarden – I wanted something different … I wanted to be able to hold the view in my hand… love the design of this amazing space.


Tube Selfie

Underground in London and a selfie… I am reflected on the wall behind the moving train… handheld again – a very abstract image taken at ISO125, F4, 0.3 secs – so this camera is even OK at long exposures … one of my aims for the week!


The Chapel at the Maritime Museum

Indoors and the chapel was amazing – timing was everything to be able to enjoy the empty space and to showcase the building off. A small camera – discrete to use but still able to capture the buildings scale.


An interesting building – Abstract City

I spent the day looking for interesting things to photograph – this building/structure looked great from a distance but was disappointing close up.


Canary Wharf and the Cross Rail Roof Garden

A new location the Cross Rails Garden, currently a beautiful quiet space – bringing the outside in.


Reflections at Canary Wharf

The angles of this shot … my hubby could not work out what I was trying to capture here until he saw the results – the city is an amazing place to explore when you start looking for different views and away to make the image your own.

My final image before heading home to Waterloo – Westminster … framed by Tesco’s and with a passing yet plane adding to the sense of scale. A great 2 days away… and to be honest for a city shoot I was happy with the G7 and the sense of freedom it offered.


Westminster – a different view point