A few days away

I am looking at traveling light with my photography for some events coming up which means abandoning my canon, my lens, my flash and my heavy rucksack and traveling light with just the G7 in my pocket … so on a recent weekend away that is all I used.

I took 120 photos over the weekend – 25 I was happy with – and I discovered a lot, and I know I need to practice some more:

  • I like macro shots with it
  • It works well in low light (inside the church)
  • It has a really wide angle
  • I cant zoom in and get close enough to my subjects at time – and does not compress the landscape enough, but I can crop
  • I love the ability to shoot so much lower than normal
  • My focusing – with the auto screen is off… I am using al servo, but begining to think one shot might be better

There is certainly a different between this and my DSLR, but it is small, descrete, fits in my coat pocket and I think the more I use it and learn its limitations – like any lens offers, the more I will work out what shots it is suitable for.

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  1. Meandering Wild
    Meandering Wild says:

    Great set of pictures. I have a G7x ii and absolutely love it. Now I am used to it I take it out almost as much as my DSLR!! Also brill as I have an underwater housing and dive with it. Really versatile!

    • Helen
      Helen says:

      It is the mark ii 🙂 and it is really great to hear that you love yours… I want to experiment with mine on a city break soon as I think it would be a lot easier to travel with…. I just wish it could zoom more… but I am sure I will get there. Never dived – but that must be awesome!

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