Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2017 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2017 was my third year of photography blogging,this year my commercial work took off so the posts are more of a highlight of the opportunities that opened up for me and my business.

December Highlights

December Highlights include: The awesome adventures of the elves – see seperate post Natural light Brides Photography workshop with Olympus Nighttime photography in Portsmouth Nighttime photography in Brighton Fun Family Shoot for a marmite fan Headshots Photography session at Portland Bill New Forest Seasonal Shots

Happy Christmas

Last year my neighbour brought me an Elf on the Shelf… well two of them and challenged me to take some photos of them… well the Elves had fun, they came on some photoshoots, went out on location and broke into her house when she was on holiday… this is the result… 25 photos… one […]

November Highlights

November… am I struggling to update this site, I am not sure how it will progress next year … we will have to see, But highlights this month include: Highcliffe Castle by candlelight Autumn in the New Forest with some lovely children Teaching macro with ipads and torches! black and white challenge A toddler group […]

October Highlights

I am loving my job. I love the opportunity to take photos of other people’s magical moments and helping to create amazing memories and it is so hard to choose what to share each month. Highlights from my wedding are best enjoyed in their wedding gallery Forest photography with friends Work with a make up […]


October 2015 I took some photos of Freddie for Halloween – his mum carved the pumpkins, brought the outfits and I provided the studio space (my kitchen), the lights and the smoke and took some photos – the results of which can be viewed here: https://renoufdesign.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/day-294-photography-is-about-having-fun/

September Highlights

September is a month of change: I am moving on from Southampton Camera Club and going to give Highcliffe and Infintity a go instead, due to other commitments It is all change at home… two of the teens in my household have moved it – yep two within a fortnight so lots of changes ahead. […]

Canon Pro Day – New Forest

Canon pro day in the New Forest!

August Highlights

Some highlights from August A London trip Macro wildlife Red Arrows The New Forest Baby Photography Family Photoshoots Low Light photography Family Photographs Weddings New Born Photos and more

July Highlights 2017

What better way to start the month off than taking photos…. An awesome wedding on my web site, so you are welcome to take a look Some wildlife images My very first holiday abroad… with incredibly bright sunlight! Shooting for a dance school, over 1000 images of individual shots and a live performance The local […]

Loving my MagMods 2

My MagBeam – on the first post #MagMod post … I explained I was yet to give it a try…. today I did …it is my youngest two children’s 18th birthday, any my eldest son brought them a set of miniatures and I thought perfect time to play with the magbeam, a coloured gel and […]

June Highlights 2017

What have I been up to in June: A fantastic weekend adventure with photography friends Product shots Football club shoot with over 100 head shots to create in about an hour! Awesome A seal and a 10 at camera club, my first in advanced! A location product shoot A wordart bespoke photo gift. A location […]

Midday photoshoot

I recently got to work with an amazing model to create some portfolio images for her –  we decide to meet in the New Forest and at the worst time of day possible – midday in June, when the weather was lovely and sunny.  For me though there was a fantastic opportunity to practice to […]


Photographing people and children in public places

“For much of the last few years, anyone wielding a camera (most notably a large one) risked being viewed as a potential terrorist threat. In response, last summer the Home Secretary Theresa May instructed our police force to adopt a more common sense approach combined with a better understanding of the use and misuse of […]

May Highlights

The month began with a whole host of new adventures: Theatrical photography A mother and daughter bluebell shoot. London Trip New Born photography 18th Birthday party photoshoot Family location photoshoot with special effects Food Photography


A different view of London – 2 days in the capital and a chance to explore a variety of locations all with the G7 camera with the idea to capture to buildings, the moments, and the variety that was on offer, that could offer meaning to me. It was also a chance to visit a […]

Loving my MagMods

I have been looking for a while for some MagMods to add to my camera flash units because I really like being able to control light on and off camera and I have come to realise these are pretty amazing accessories to own. I started my collection with a MagSphere and a Mag Grip – […]

A few days away

I am looking at traveling light with my photography for some events coming up which means abandoning my canon, my lens, my flash and my heavy rucksack and traveling light with just the G7 in my pocket … so on a recent weekend away that is all I used. I took 120 photos over the […]

April Highlights

I can not believe how fast the year is going and how quickly my images are changing and developing as I realise how I love taking photos of people, and creating the images into something a little more… highlights include: Fashion shoot at the beach Puppy photos An invitation to Canon HQ A high Key […]

Sunshine and Teens

Last week I had a photoshoot cancel on me last minute, and I was really disappointed – I had my camera gear sorted, the location planned out and my mind was flowing with creative ideas and then it was not to be as I required a subject. My teenage daughter came to the rescue and […]

Bluebell Woods

On previous years I have captured photos of Bluebells, and today I was checking out the location for a possible portrait shoot, with only my nifty 50 to hand – and the frustration that this brought really highlighted the importance of anticipating the shot and taking the right equipment or traveling with a full camera […]

Model Experiments on the Beach

Working with models is for me a great opportunity to experiment with different lighting styles, different looks and techniques whilst on location with a person who has the patient to stand there, to co-operate and to perhaps add interest to the shot. I have learnt since working with the odd model a few interesting things: […]

March 2017 Highlights

February was such a short month, that I never got to finish editing my photos… and March is even more exciting… Various portrait shoots Family location shoots Animal portraits London Shoot Editing for a fellow photographer whom I have trained alongside who could rescue an image. Capturing a Christening Teaching ambient and flash to a […]

I miss blogging

I have come to the conclusion that I miss blogging. Blogging gave me an excuse to try new ideas, to explain how they worked and push my creativity, I have been incredibly busy taking photos and developing my business but it is crucial to keep experimenting and trying different ways of doing things. At the […]

February 2017 – Highlights

So what kind of things have I been up to this month: Weddings Live Music Gig Portrait sessions Event photographer for SF Ball sponsored by Starburst magazine and Horror TV, working with some TV Stars Headshave for Teenage Cancer New Born Photography A comprehensive light training workshop Location scouting Night time photography Spring Flowers at […]

January 2017 Highlights…

The highlights from January… I am starting a 52 week challenge set by 2 Lil Owls photography studio as I admire there use of textures …. I would like to experiment with them more this year… the blog post will grow during the year… but will not be revealed to the end of the year […]