Year Two (138) – Floral Design

Something a little different, today I liked at design from a different perspective that of a florist, and to get a greater understanding into what makes a beautiful arrangement, in this case a Christmas wreath, and captured some images of my finished attempt.

I was joined by 4 other members of the community, they had backgrounds in floristry and flower arranging, and were after new ideas… I was there to try something knew, but I to look at design differently…

There was lots of things that I took away from experience that highlighted to me about design and composition in general… through the workshop we looked at viewing the arrangement from different angles, adding different textures and tones, highlights, symmetry and balance, personal style and colour … a lot of which also applies to photography.

It was also really interesting to see the time and detail that add’s value to the arrangement – when a bride wants great flowers for a wedding, then all those details matter, and it is those details as a photographer I need to capture for her wedding album, and to have a better understanding of this I think helps.