Year Two (136) -Lens flare and back lighting

I had the opportunity to photography Rachel and Caine doing a Duet, I had more control over my lighting but not the location, they were in a corner, relatively close to a white painted wall with kitchen units nearby.

The photos on the whole are too high key for my taste, I would have liked more space between them and the wall to achieve a darker background, but the Duet could not be moved. With my off camera flash I choose to position it behind the singer and angle it straight into my lens to get some lens flare… I also softened the contrast in the end photo to create a dreamy look.

Rachel & Caine 6

Lens flare

This is both suet members together – you can see the limited space of the set to shoot in – I was aiming for a lens flare again with the flash pointing into my camera but straight our of camera I can see there is a lot of work to do to make the shot interesting…. with the studio noise and other photographers present it was also impossible to build up some sort of interaction and relationship with the group, which means that I would have had eye contact – for this shoot they just played whilst I grabbed shots, but in a real studio shoot then the playing would have been fake and the shots posed for best effect.

Rachel & Caine 10

Lens flare

I was really pleased with the back lighting I achieved in the guitarist in the shot, but the background was too close to really make it work, an additional light (I think it was another photographers flash) cause a mike shadow which is distracting on the singer.

Rachel & Caine 14

Back lighting

This time I gelled the flash and got the look I was hoping for with unedited coloured shot. this really highlights what I was saying in the last shot about the importance of not overpowering the gels with additional lighting.

Rachel & Caine 15