I got to photograph my first male model recently, for me this was a totally new experience as most people I have photographed have been either female, children or family shots, so I was a little a bit outside my comfort zone. Mat also had not been photographed by a female photographer before I discovered in our conversation, which again I thought was interesting … the model world seems to be dominated with females and the photographer world – men – so it is great to break through those stereo types.

It was a great experience and Mat really pushed me as it turned out when he was not modelling he was a videographer so knew a lot more about light, angles and depth of field that than other models, and that was really interesting…

Mateusz 13

Into my space – ISO100, F2.8, 1/200sec 70mm

Matt encouraged me to push my aperture so it was wider than what I was use to and encouraged me to get much closer… I love some of the photos because of this… particularly this one – where he pushed his face into my comfort zone – and I realised that I was the one holding back… and need to get closer.

Mateusz - Preview Video

iSO100, F2.8, 1/125sec – 70mm

I was using my 24-70mm lens at full zoom for a lot of the shots and I love the effect it gives, above I shot into the sun on purpose as I love the dreamy romantic look it gave – perhaps the groom waiting for his wedding day?

Mateusz 5

ISo100, F2.8, 1/200sec and some flash -41mm

Shooting into the light again – lots of sun flare, the transparency of his shirt, for me it really works. I am not sure about the cigarette, but I think that is partly cause it is unlit, and partly because smoking indoors is no longer allowed in the UK, so it looks kind of odd to me….

Mateusz 16

ISo100, F2.8, 1/200sec, 47mm

The great thing about working with men is you can change the editing style a lot, from soft and dreamy you can add clarity and shadow and you end up much more with a tough guy look – so as well as the light, the editing can enhance the mood.

A great learning session for me personally… and I am loving my 24-70 lens!

More photos from the album can be location here: Mat’s photoshoot.