Year Two (133) – Canon Professional Day

I got to go to a Canon Professional Day in Kent this week, and what an amazing experience it was, I got to have a go with a Canon 5D mark iv and a 85mm 1.2L portrait lens which has been on my maybe list for a while, I got to meet with like minded professionals, explore an amazing venue and learn lots of hints and ideas from one of the Canon Ambassadors.


Sadly not mine – but I got to use it!


The Meet and greet in Kent

I learnt a lot, it was a great venue with lots of opportunity to learn more from talking and listening with other professionals.

  • Canon 5D mark iv is awesome in low light with high ISO, and I would love to have one – but I am not sure that is an option…
  • The Canon Ambassadors lens of choice was the 24-70mm F2.8 lens that I own 🙂 which was lovely to know as it means I have great taste 🙂
  • Although I have been learning lots about flash, in some situations no flash is a lot lest intrusive and means you are more likely to capture the moment.
  • It is all about being close, focusing on the eyes, including the story around the image, getting the light right, shooting through things is OK if it add’s value, as well as blur and abstract shots if it add’s to the story.
  • Being a great photographer may involve photojournalism, macro work, landscapes, portraits and more … it is about creating a set of images that tell the story of that moment, that memory and making it special – someone who totally gets my style of photography!
  • Award’s don’t make you a better photographer or bring your more clients, that do need to know about them until they have a need to your images.
  • I learnt some modeling tips on how to position the client, I discovered what to look out for, how to nail the shot and then be creative within my own style – different shots for every client… a variety is important.
  • If the light is bad – step back, make the subject smaller in the frame – add more to the story, shoot wider – great light – shoot closer…
  • Maybe switch to center focusing as this focus point is much quicker and then re position… I might give that a try!
  • Watch your shutter speed.
  • You can’t please the client – you have to take photos for you, create your own style and develop it and not copy someone else. After all you are you…

Even the grounds and the building was stunning – Penshurst Place was a beautful house and garden, and although there was not much time to explore – it was stunning!


The amazing gardens full of Autumn Colour

A number of photographers were mention during the day for us to check out including:

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