Year Two (132) – Themed advertising.

Taking photographs in an interesting location really adds to the mood and feel of the shot, these shots with Jemma were taken in an old warehouse space, with the pre-shoot discussion based on how to create a traditional feel to some beer product shots – highlighting it’s traditional flavours and tastes.

Jemma provide her costume and wig, we had the beer and a very dark location with window light coming in from one side and a small flash to add additional light.

Jemma 1

Themed beer shot, one speedlight

The important this to me was to ensure that the brand was inshot and that it added something to the image rather than took something away – it had to be part of the story.

Jemma 12

Themed advertising shot

This shot highlighted to me why you need to have a good makeup artist involved – these were budget shots and Jemma did her own hair and makeup – her makeup is great – but she is wearing a blond wig and it was quite tricky in photoshop to cover up the stray dark hairs that had peaked out – something Jemma was more aware of in the final edits than I was – a great learning point… the photographer and the model are looking for different things in the end result.

Jemma 3

A model shot

It was a great day… tricky lighting, difficult creating the story… but lots of fun. View the rest of the gallery…