Year Two (131) – On my bike

I had great fun taking photos of Kim and her bike in a traditional photography studio with a white and a black background. I am realizing that getting to know the model is essential to making the shoot go smoothly and in helping everyone feel relaxed and to get nature smiles, and through that communication I discovered that cycling was important to Kim, and that she wanted to be something more than a mum in the images i captured of her.

Today Kim had a stye on one of her eyes, in some images I left it in, in others I decided to edit the image further and have a go at removing it… I think I did a good job, Kim was happy – which is what is important.

Kim 1

On my bike – creative edit

Kim had several different costume changes, and I used the colour tones and what she was wearing to influence my background choice – above a bokeh effect with textures added making the image colourful but with muted tones, below I added a skyline to a white studio backdrop, as she looked like a city girl on her bike.

Kim 9

Girl about town

A side on shot… taken against a white backdrop and the background added and coloured to match her outfit with a fake spot and some texture.

Kim 10

Cycling Kim

A different background, a different wall in the studio with the lighting behind and in front on the left hand side with large soft boxes … you can see here how I managed to completely remove the stye in her right eye.

Kim 14

Kim in the studio

An outfit change and we have a very sporty Kim on her bike, a relaxed smile and a black and white edit.

Kim 15

Kim on her bike

More images from the shoot are on my web site … in them I have included Kim’s partner who brought the bike along to the session, and we took the opportunity to shoot some photos of them together – it was not in the plan, but through conversation, I discovered they had no nice couple shots, so I thought it would be nice to include some in the album. Take a look – Kim’s photo album.