Year Two (129) – Christmas is coming

I got involved in a project working with various models to create some themed photoshoots at an amazing studio in Weymouth – the studio is full of different area for taking pictures which means that the backgrounds for the shots can be really varied and interesting….

It was able using the available light or lack or it and creating images that perhaps tell a story.

This photos with Sharon were really relaxed as I had photographed her before and although she had made an amazing costume, I struggled to get the lighting quite right – looking back at the photos, I really should have used a soft box much closer to her, so that the shadow were kinder.  I found myself at times to busy talking to take pictures and therefore I did not spend as much time setting up the shot as I should have done.

I also realised that I needed to work my ISO more … I have shot studio before where it has been a plain background, but here I wanted to include the background, use it to make the story and therefore I need to expose for that properly first before adding my light to highlight the model.

But being festive was fun… and it was fun processing the images afterwards!