Year Two (128) -Fireworks

I love fireworks, we got married in November, and I celebrated the start of my married life with a firework display… 20 years on, I am still happily married and every year the UK celebrates my anniversary with me by setting off fireworks…


My location for the evening!

This year I was invited to join some friends and take photos of the fireworks from a great view point and so I jumped at the chance. The Spinnaker tower is a great landmark on the South Coast and I was suggested just the place to be … I had a great evening with my cable release, bulb mood and my 24-70mm lens at its widest setting….

I had a lovely evening, my favorite images were the ones that left the tower free from fireworks .. it amazes me though how much the colour changes in each and every exposure and this year, to have firework light reflected on the water was pretty amazing too!


Fireworks 2016


Fireworks 2016