Year Two (127) – How technology has changed.

I visited my father in law this week and I got to admire his new collection! He started his life out as a photographer – a forensic photographer working for the Met in London before he retired, and although he no longer is taking images regularly he is interested in perhaps going back and re entering the dark room and old technology and has been spending his time looking up his old cameras and rebuying them on ebay.

It is amazing how technology has changed, chimping was unheard of, every shot mattered and working in low light on crime scenes was an impossible challenge… what he would have given for changeable ISO let alone the capabilities of today’s camera.

These were all taken in a darkened dining room, with little natural light and a very low powered spot flash…. my idea was to capture the cameras from the age of the dark room – so dark photos ….

But then by changing the ISO settings I captured this… same location, but a different feel, suddenly it looks bright, modern and retro … I wish I had captured them all like this!


One of my father in laws first cameras, taken with a high iso for the room light.