Year Two (125) – Puppies

Who turns down the opportunity to photograph a 6 week old puppy…  I didn’t.

I was amazed at how fast puppies moved, once you get down to their level they are either running away or heading straight for the camera lens, so a high shutter speed was essential….

I wanted to try some studio style shots using my light box in a creative way and it was do hard… the puppy was fast and kept escaping… and my helper just kept getting in the way!


My helper in studio

I managed one shot that I was happy with in the white box!


The only clean shot I managed in the studio set up

In the garden and the light was so bright, not idea – there are lots of shadows, and you have to work hard to get the image … My border collie makes life easy for photos … a 6 week old pup is a challenge!


In the garden – feet add a sense of scale

Shots without humans were hard as everyone wanted to play… but not all the humans were related to the pup… but she was so cute….


My helper … playing who could resist

I just love this one… I had to work hard to edit the human out of the shot in the background though…. this gives a great sense of scale!


Follow the leader … the puppies big brother

The concentration… hard to get the pup and the leaf on the same plain, and balancing with bright sunlight adds to the challenge.


So cute

A rest … for about 2 seconds!


The leaves are distracting… but those eyes….

Photographing pups sure is fun! The rest of the album is available here: Puppy Photos