Year two (120) – Photobuddy

Long time no blog … but welcome back Photobuddy!

Photobuddy having a drink

Photobuddy having a drink

This was taken the same day as the Highland Cow picture … and it was a beautiful morning with the autumn light shining through the trees…  and I knew what I wanted … I wanted to capture that light with my photobuddy in the foreground!

Autumn Trees 1

Autumn in the New Forest

He was the best photobuddy in the world! With my camera flash on the ground to the side, he sat just where I wanted him and I took the shot… straight out of camera I was impressed…

Off camera flash - as shot.

Off camera flash – as shot.

Taking it into lightroom and photoshop and adding a little more processing and I am still impressed .. I am in awe to think he sat style and that I can achieve this kind of shot in camera!

Off camera flash - with additional processing in photoshop

Off camera flash – with additional processing in photoshop

Photobuddy got lots of biscuits today!

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    • Helen
      Helen says:

      He does … he has his own facebook page ( and will be very patient when waiting for his ball to be thrown – wish all pets were as easy to photograph!
      Thanks for commenting!

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