Year Two (117) – More children

I had the pleasure of photographing another family, shooting in family homes is great fun and a challenge, you have to think on your feet, work with the available light, the available furniture and the child’s own toys, but it add’s a real sense of belonging to the shoot – the photos are unique to that family and mean more because moments of their lives as they are right now.

This is a sneak peak from their photo shoot … and I am now mastering Premier Pro, what a great way to share a preview of an album, with a social media friendly video clip… impossible to print images from, but really easy to share across multi media platforms and leaving the family to see the rest of the album.

It was a lovely afternoon capturing moments like little fingers and little toes, loving smiles and sparkle between adults and children and working flexibly in an environment that encouraged the children to behavior naturally and have fun!

Harry & Jack

Harry and Jack on a family shoot in their own home.

More photo shoots and mini movies are available on me web site –