Year Two (111) – Nakd

Mmm… nakd photography…  this shot is all about keeping the camera settings exactly the same and just moving the light and of course nakd … so read on 🙂

These seven images were taken in exactly the same table top studio setting with a white backdrop behind, the only changes were the addition of props – some lego, some coconut and the light… the camera settings stayed the same in every shot… but they are all different because the light moved and changed.

Different effects were achieved by using different modifiers and moving the light:

  • A soft box close to the subject worked in the first images with some of the light spilling on the background.
  • Moving the soft box and angle it away from the subject meant that eventually there was no light falling on the background, yet with it just in the right place the foreground is lit.
  • Changing the modifier to a snoot meant that I could control a narrow beam of light and create a different effect, you can see how I have narrowed down what is let by the camera in these tree examples…
  • Moving the light still in the snood behind the subject, results in some light pollution and lens flare, the product being silhouetted in the package but another very different look, a narrower beam of light would have increased that more.
ISO100, F9, 1/160 sec

ISO100, F9, 1/160 sec

Same settings, same 100mm macro lens, the only factor that has changed is the light … a great example I think about why it is important to learn to manage light and to get it working for you.. and I hope you are enjoying my lighting experiments … if you have some ideas you would like me to try, or a lighting related post you feel I should explore then please leave details in the comments!