Year Two (107) – High Key animal portraits on location!

I have just got myself a great new hi-lite box which enables me to create a fantastic studio hi key background in a very minimal space, so I have a portable studio I can take pretty much anywhere, and create amazing hi key images. My challenge is to master putting it back in the bag … but I am sure I will.

Today I experimented with some animal shots… it is great taking animals in a natural setting, but it is also great to be able to take studio shots of them too… lucky for me, my favorite photo buddy has been trained to sit, so to make sure I am happy with the set up… I did some taster shots today, in some of the worse lighting… I am delighted with the results…


High Key Image

The challenge is to get an interesting facial expression on my photo buddies face… to start with he was not that interested.


My Photo Buddy

Composition is important, and moving so that I am in his line of sight, he won’t work to directions from the camera, so I have to move…



This is a pull back shot so you can see my new Hi-lite, and the soft box I am using overhead… I also have to overcome the sunlight shinning in from the right through the south facing windows… you can see this reflected in my buddies eyes… I choose though to leave it in as I wanted to test the limitations of the Hi-Lite and soft box combination.


Straight at the camera

A black and white edit, this was shot at 100 ISO, F10, 1/160sec with the flash and window light.. you can see two reflections in his eyes.


Black and White edit

I think once I have worked out how to fold my new Hi-lite back up, we are going to have great fun together! Have you worked with a Hi-lite? Have you got any tips… I would love to hear about them in the comments below…

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