Year Two (97) – Off to the Zoo

Marwell Zoo, August, a hot sunny day and a photographic challenge – not only were the animals hiding from the sunshine … when they were outside there was harsh shadows to deal with, lots of people bustling around and a real restriction in the ability to get the shot I wanted.

The animals were more active by the end of the day but photographically there were some huge challenges to overcome…

  • The dynamic range between the shadows and the highlights was huge
  • The fencing was often behind fences, so it was very hard to get close enough to blur it out of focus … and then if there was a great spot, like where the tiger cubs were .. there were lots of people and bind weed growing up the fence… making it even harder.
  • To tell the story of the animals and not the crowds was also a challenge, so it was a question of looking for details… but then sometimes the only way you can get close was to shoot through glass … and with a days worth of fingerprints and reflective glass it was tricky.

What I would have given for an overcast day … a pair of wire cutters and permission to just get a little bit closer to the fence… but despite that I was delighted to be able to at least capture the tiger cubs!

However since taking the photo, and writing my blog –  I read that the dehaze tool in Lightroom can help with fence blur … so I gave it a try…


Editing Comparison before and after dehaze

This just proves why a photography can not stop reading, researching and learning … this was a great tip and the dehaze tool although increases the saturation significantly, it really does rescue the image!

Tiger Cubs at Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo and the Tiger Cubs