Year Two (64) – Still Smiling in Wales

I have a clever husband – he managed to rig me up a slow warming dry box in the awning of the tent, I removed the media and batteries from my Canon 5D mark III and left my camera there hoping it would somehow magic itself back to life and the Error20 – mechanical failure would disappear.

We left it there, we climbed a mountian, zipped down another and I sadly accepted that my camera would have to wait till I was home to fix it … and then I tried it again. It worked – no error message … so an evening stroll to see if I was fixed!


Evening stroll and finally a view

We finally had a view across the hills, the landscape is very different from the landscape at home and it was great to be able to hear the familiar “click” of my shutter.


The trees against the Night Sky

Again my photo buddies were reluctant to stop anywhere but the skies were dry, the landscape intriguing and the camera seemed to be working.

The next day we were off to a Copper Mine, the red mining wagons made me smile – I was left wondering whether the Mine owners were aware of the power of red and had chosen that colour on purpose to draw attention and encourage photographers…


Heading into a copper mine

Out of the mine we were created with beautiful fluffy one clouds, sunshine and views – and a viewing platform to enjoy them from.


Stunning views in the sunshine

After climbing the mountain, a walk alongside the river that was relatively flat was appreciated, the water was still fast flowing but not as fast as earlier in the week. I was shooting wide and trying to include as much of the landscape as possible.


A lovely flat river walk

Bright sunshine helps create the postcard look – here I like how the wall leads you into the image and then you spot the curve of the river in the center – but I find the shadows of the clouds on the mountain beyond distracting … which highlights how a different time of day may have been better for these photos… but then only if the weather was right and it changes really quickly as it is pushed up over the mountains!


Views over the hills

Another river shot, this time I got low and shot as close to the river as I could for some foreground interest… but I don’t want the camera to get wet again… I have other shoots I want to use it for.


A river in Wales

This trip I discovered a lot – the goal was not to take photos but to try new experiences, my family did not want to hang around for photos, and it made creating images hard – it made me realise though that I now create images rather than take them… and creating images needs more time.  It made me realize equipment can break – and I cant control that, I can push limitations but I need to consider the risk… and you don’t always need a camera to make great memories!