Year Two (61) – On the Solent

A spur of the moment trip to the Island by bike and the only option was the Canon G7X – it is not my big camera, it does not have a huge lens, it only has an LED screen so it is a bit like guess work …  but it does take photos in Raw  and it was small enough for me to manage on my bike.

My plan was to take some images from the ferry and then on the island as we cycled to our destination…


Leaving Lymington Harbour

The harbour was great – with all the boats lined up there was some great leading lines, and I got some foreground interest – with the sailing yacht … I would have liked to shoot lower but the limitations of the ferry meant I couldn’t.


Looking towards the other Ferry

The view towards the other ferry from the middle of the Solent – splitting the Horizon in the middle shouldn’t work… but the due to the height I was at, I had no choice with the ferry splitting the horizon so I made the image match.


A different view of Hurst – Canon G7X

A different view of Hurst Castle – this time from the ferry….

We made it to the Island and my fellow cyclist took off – he whizzed ahead … I managed one grab shot – I loved the leading line on the fence, the sea – but I could not really compose the shot as I was cycling like mad to try and catch up – I never did! Camera was then in my bag, as I needed 2 hands… but there is no way I could have even tried this shot with my Dslr – so for today’s images the Canon G7x was perfect! I need to use it more often!


A day trip on the Island – by bike – G7X