Year Two (56) – Inspired

Following on from yesterday’s post, I took a walk with my camera along the shingle bank at Keyhaven to Hurst Castle and just thought about what about what I could photograph, I thought about recording the moment, I remembered back when there was an old building on the spit which was washed away by the storms and I remembered that it is important to record what is there, as well as enhancing an image to make something more out of it.


Different views of the Lighthouse

I captured some different views of the lighthouse – from one side, the other and along the coastline. The same building, the same morning – you can even see how the light changed over the hour I was there, and all of them with the same goal with some foreground interest. This is about the recording the building and it’s location… and it really does show how the weather and your position can impact on the image.


At Low tide

It was low tide, and when you started looking at the details on the shoreline – an amazing small world of colour can be discovered, I really had the wrong lens on to get close, but you can see how in soft lighting (hazy conditions) you can find some incredible details on the beach.

Details at the Castle

Details at the Castle

I looked closer at the details, the structure that was there and how the weather, the tide and the lighting was effecting it – the picture that is created today would change with the next high tide, so they are moments to record – it makes me wonder how many people though notice the details, and highlighting them really does bring them to your attention and help get a sense of place when they are used to create a story board.

So by noticing the details and putting different views together I can create a story of a place that is open and easy to explore, that has views and interesting habitats to explore, there is a destination – a lighthouse and a castle … and you know because of the buoy it is a coastal location… but without the opportunity to visit and explore – and a potential audience to share them with … no one would no that this is a great place to explore!

Hurst Castle and Keyhaven

Hurst Castle and Keyhaven