Year Two (50) – Reptiles, Raptors and Owls

I had the opportunity to attend another Photo Experience Day at Liberty’s and had a fantastic time getting up close to a variety of creatures. An experience day is an opportunity to get closer or to be shown a different view of things to photograph – it is not really a day where you are told how to use your camera or how to get the best from it – they is usually a photographer on hand to answer your questions but it is more about providing the opportunity.


The Liberty Eagle – Handled as part of the Adult Falconary Experience Day at Liberty’s in the New Forest

It is also a great way to meet people, to test what you know, to enjoy your camera and to take photos. Liberty’s photo experience days are co-ordinated by Miles, Liberty’s provides the animals, the location (which does not necessary have the easiest natural light to work with, and the most striking back drops) and a fantastic lunch. Details can be found here: This is the second time I have been – this time on an experience day … last time I photographed Owls in the New Forest.

I had a great time – I spent my time experimenting today with both my crop and full frame camera, changing and working out the focusing, experimenting with shutter speeds and for the first time using flash in an outdoor location.

These are my favorite images, more can be seen in my online gallery: Liberty’s Birds

My final 11:

  • 10 of which were captured on my full frame camera – 1 with the crop
  • 2 had flash
  • 10 were taken on my 28-300mm lens (I had a 100mm lens and a 16-35mm lens with me), the other lens that made my top 11 was the wider angle lens.

In my final gallery: Liberty’s Birds

  • 71 images were saved including the 11 above.
  • 49 were on the Canon 5D Mark iii – Full frame
  • 22 were on the Canon 7D mark ii – Crop
  • 4 were taken on the wide angle lens (16-35mm) (1 of which was on the crop camera)
  • 7 were taken on the 100m macro lens (mainly the creatures) and all of which were on the crop camera – I don’t think I put it on my full frame camera..
  • 60 were captured with my 28-300 zoom lens, 45 were shot with the Full Frame and 14 on the crop frame – interesting all the crop camera shots were action shots, as I switched from the 5D mark ii when I realized it was too slow to get the shot.
  • 8 were taken with flash – I was using manual flash too – so it was really hard to get the power right!

I had problems…

  • Early photos on the 7D mark ii were out of focus, I had the focusing set up on different camera differently and even had the custom controls different – they are now the same.
  • I was limited cause the lens I wanted was not on the camera I had to hand…
  • The composition matters, the shots that did not make selection had distracting backgrounds on included other photographers… which makes it tricky to get the right shot.

So if I only took one lens it would be my 28-300… if I only took one body on a shoot – it would depend whether it was an action shoot or a static one … would I take flash… possibly depends on the subject!