Year Two (44) -Moments to treasure

Photography for me is about capturing moments, moments that tell a story, moments that one day become memories and moments which at the time can be everyday occurrences – that are easily forgotten as our children grew.

Often as a photographer you get to do head shots, family group shots, weddings, cake smashes, new borns – but for me I love the opportunity to do an informal on location shoot – to spend time with a family and capture moments that just happen, that are fun and are just every day occurrences …

Bounced Flash

Bounced Flash – what a cutie.


Painting Fun … much easier I would think with a 2nd pair of hands!


In the last week, I discovered walking and I love chatting on the phone!


The pleasure of feeding myself, complete with drool!

These were all taken in Manual mode, with a 24-70mm lens, at around F5.6,, 1/200 sec shutter speed with a manual flash reflected of the ceiling and varying ISO’s … the manual flash power was also adapted depending on the available light!

All of them are moments to treasure … and with my youngest children turning 17 this week, makes me realise how quickly time passes and these moments are missed!