Year Two (42) – Cake Smash

I love taking photos of young children, especially capturing moments that families can look back on and remember the memories, and I wish I had the skills back when my children were small to capture the images I would have liked to have had, alternatively I wish I had had the money to pay a professional to capture those moments.

Now though – I have become that professional, but with a twist….


Behind the Scenes

I know as a new mum, with three under 18 months, we didn’t have the money, and that is why the idea behind my photography business is to capture those special moments for free, I spend time with the family, I capture the moment and I add some images for them to enjoy – I hope they choose to invest in them, but if they can’t afford to now, then hopefully they may be able to the future, or maybe a grandparent would like to invest in a treasured photo.

Last weekend I was delighted to capture a first birthday cake smash, some fun with the little girl’s mum and dad as we celebrated them surviving the first year of parenthood and an everyday activity bath time – for me there is something times and special about bathtime photos. I like to take my images in the family home – they have more meaning there, but it also means that the challenges of lighting, small spaces – (a small bathroom and a kitchen floor) and making sure the background is the best add’s to the challenge – as the aim of the session is to create not only memories, wonderful photos but to give them a sense of place for the family – so they own those memories.

Above are a selection of my favorites from the shoot – you can view the rest of the album that I shared with the parents here: Gallery of PhotoShoot whether I cover my costs of the time taken to capture the images, the time taken to edit the images, the cost of photography equipment, camera, lighting, editing software all depends on whether the client is able to purchase and chooses to do so, but I don’t hard sell, the choice is down to the family, I hope they do choose some of the images, as you can never recapture these moments again.

I am just happy when I get a response like this:

“Helen these are so beautiful. Thank you so much! We are thrilled! Xx”
They’re fabulous pics… Her eyes are just stunning,our beautiful girl x”