Year Two (41) – Photo Buddy is back!

Photobuddy is back and is the star of today’s photoshoot, I wanted a focal point in the bluebell wood and my border collie was a willing model… well put it this way, he was keen to come for a walk and was happy to have the camera pointed in his direction, whereas the rest of the family really want to these days.


Lying among the bluebells

Working in harsh sunlight and harsh shade adds to the challenge, but the important part here is to focus on the eyes and ensure that the shutter speed is fast enough in the light conditions to capture the moment. Shooting with my border collie ass’s extra challenges – the blacks need to be black and the detail needs to be retained in the whites – similar to a wedding shoot – so there is a large dynamic range to include.


Low – wide angle shot of Photobuddy approaching

Opting for a low wide angle shot among the bluebells add’s a different feel to the image – the viewer could be a small animal in the grass with the dog approaching – with his tongue licking his lips, just right for his morning snack – you, perhaps – his eyes are focused on something!


Waiting to play stick

Lying down in the bluebells waiting to play stick – the composition would have been stronger if I had got lower still, so his head when through the horizon line rather than joining it – something I need to be more aware of in camera, rather than spotting afterwards in the blog!


Leaping to catch the stick

Ready to leap – you would not believe how quick this dog leaps. To throw the stick and press the shutter at the same time is not easy, and the dog is really close to me –  this was captured at 24mm of my 24-70mm lens, 12 1/1000sec, F3.2 to freeze the movement and to seperate him from the background …  I was using my canon 5D mark III, otherwise I would have been too close – but I really wanted the high speed shutter speed of the 7D mark II, to enable me to capture the full leap – the 5D is just not responsive enough!



My photo buddy moved in too close, his eye is still in focus (just) but 1/1000 sec is not fast enough …  however look at that jaw and the determination in his eyes – he looks quite aggressive and scary from this angle.


Fetching it back!

Back to the motivation factor, a stick – the photoshoot continues as another stick is found amongst the bluebells!


Off to see what Dad’s up too

When not being photographed by me – my buddy was off seeing what my husband was up too – he didn’t want to be in the shots, but I just had to sneak this one in. He was sat in the sunshine on a log, I was in the share of the wood – so I used the sunlight to spotlight him, the shadows of the trees to act as a natural frame and I just love the interaction between the two of them.

Back then to stick throwing … a different stick again and I love this shot – another favorite from today… the stick looks like an out of focus bone and is twisting through the air at my photobuddy who looks ready to bounce – will be catch it? Course he will, he is a collie!


The perfect catch