Year Two (40) – More flowers

My mum likes to explore gardens, I like to take photos – so today’s challenge was to try and combine the two and to take various photos of the gardens we were exploring. Today’s visit was to Furzey Gardens in the New Forest – it is a charity run garden which is home to  the Minstead Training Trust, which provides residential care and horticultural training to adults with learning disabilities.

A great reason to visit as garden admission helps keep the charity operating. For more details please explore their web site: Today was a great day to visit – the sky was grey, rain was forecast – although it held off to afterlunch which meant that the cloudy sky acted as one giant soft box, diffusing the sunlight – so no harsh shadows, just lots of lovely soft light.

It is amazing how the quality of light makes such a difference especially if you can compare to these bright sunshine photos – a cloudy day is much better for photography … I just wish this was a little more detail in the sky!

Anyway – my mum really enjoyed exploring the garden and seeing all the flowers, it will be interesting to see what she thinks of my photos too … hopefully we will explore another local garden together soon.

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