Year Two (39) – Starting to look at flowers

I am planning to have a few days out in the coming weeks taking photos of flowers – I won’t have any control of the light – other than the direction in which I take  create the images from – I am not in charge of the weather – so whether it is too harsh or not bright enough… I will just have to work with it.

Today I started looking at what I felt worked for flower photography …  to focus my mind… I experimented with:

  • Under and over exposing the images
  • Using a shallow depth of field to separate the plant from the background
  • Introducing a sense of belonging – including more of the plant
  • Lens choice – telephoto, wide angle

I started the shoot taking photos in my garden and then heading out to a bluebell wood.

What do I prefer?

It is a great question…  I use to think I liked to photograph anything – with flowers I like to focus on the details, I like the effect my telephoto lens makes with the bokeh in the background and a wide aperture, but it means than I need to find flowers in the right location, I need to watch for distractions and I need to think about the end results – light and airy / dark and moody – paying attention to my histogram and think about what colours work will together.

I think less is more with flower photography for sure!

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