Year Two (46) – Garden Birds

Last year when I started my 365 challenge – back on day 30 I spent some time taking photos of garden birds and want to share with you how my photography and bird population has improved.

This morning I headed out into the garden with my Canon 7D mark 11, 28-300mm lens. The crop sensor lens increases the range of the lens, I concentrated on Shutter Priority mode, choose auto ISO and kept the aperture as wide as possible.

These are the results…

Auto ISO and low light meant they were a little bit more grainy than I would like when I cropped in – which meant that I loss some quality, so I tried again – this time with my full frame camera.

My favorite from today – 2 birds together.

A pair - ISO4000, F5.6, 1/2000sec

A pair – ISO4000, F5.6, 1/2000sec

Next steps … I preferred the 5D shots, I feel the ISO worked better, but I could not get as close – so it a question of compromise, the far feeder was too far away so it is essential to choose the best equipment for the job – my next step though is to look at movement … I worked out to get frozen flight movement I needed a really high shutter speed around 1/2000 … but then for that to be truly accurate I need to look more at focusing and maintaining focus… I was using Al Servo, but maybe not on the right focusing setting…  birds in flight add interest!