Year Two (21)- Creative Advert Challenge

This week a challenge was posted on the Old Bakery photo group forum to find an advert online and then recreate in the studio with the help of free stock images, a little imagination and lots of enthusiasm. There was lots of discussion online but three of the images that were chosen for the evening were there:


Images found online that we hope to inspire us.

The first idea that I tackled was the Ice Truck – Mike suggested this and brought in a remote control truck, with trailer that was almost 5 foot long – the concept we discussed online was about freezing it in a tray of ice – but we had no idea he was thinking of a giant truck with electronics … so on the night – we had a truck but no ice!


Mike’s Truck!

However Mike’s truck did have headlights and he had brought along some padding materials so we had snow and a dark background…. it was definitely a challenge. Mike and I worked together to light the truck, which was really interesting as Mike’s intention is to get it 100% right in camera with how he sees it in him mind… and I know that I can just tweak it a bit in photoshop to get the results I want.

For Mike iconic image I need a straight on photo and then I needed to add the ice and the writing in photo shop.  I limited myself to a maximum of 20 minutes on each edit … this is my version, the ice is a little harsh in the foreground … but it is heading in the right direction.


Camera Club Challenge – Ice Road Truckers

Derek suggested the cider shot with the apple in the bottle, he did some amazing preparation – he had drank some cider, carefully cut the bottom of the bottle – using a glass cutter to score the glass, then dipping it in hot and cold water, then carefully measuring the inside of the bottle and spending hours in the supermarket getting the perfect sized apple. I would have probably added the apple in photoshop!

The shot was set up on a reflective table, and I sneaked in and grabbed a shot with a bounced flash on my camera … not ideal – but it was better than no photo at all.


Apple in a bottle – Bounced flash!

The bottle was a greener one than in the original and it was lacking in water droplets and the bottle was at the wrong angle for me  – it totally amazed me the amount of preparation Derek did. I really appreciate his effort. I came home and looked at the inspired image and then decided to layer the image up with some leather textures…. I did not manage a reflection in the glass – and there was not enough light to make the bottle glow – but in 20 minutes, I think I created a transformation.


Cider Inspired Advert.

My final challenge – Tim’s – he had brought some shoes in America, had never worn them and was happy to have them scribbled on to create the shoe shot. He had brougt along a piece of lino for the backdrop which he covered in spray paint – it was nothing like the image that he had shown us….

The shoes were lit by on camera and over head flash, the spray painted background worked brilliantly and I felt the shoes had a real grungy feel!


But it was not the shot that Tim had challenge us to take … so back to photoshop, I carefully cut the shoes out, added a new background, put a couple of artistic filters on the shoes, stole Tim’s signature and added some text – it is not the same as the original advert but it is my take on it….


Camera Club Challenge

The image below is my summary of the evenings shoot – the before and after photos …  it was a great evening – some people did not come because it was really out of their comfort zone – but it has reminded me that all photographers have different talents:

  • some can visually see what they want to achieve in camera and are able to implement that in camera and are really patient, keep trying to get it right
  • some are great teachers and are willing to share their advice and when they do they reinforce their own learning and realise how far they have come
  • some don’t always know fully what they are doing, but they try and experiment – which is great and the way to learn
  • some are experts with the camera, some are experts at photoshop, some are experts at nothing and still have a lot to learn, and some are experts but lack confidence in their ability.
  • some photographers are inspired by the subject – but does the subject always matter? If it challenges you outside your comfort zone, makes you consider something new, challenges you to look at how you manage light or develop a photo in a different way – then it has to be developing new skills which you can implement in areas that interest you.

Top Row – inspiration… bottom row, finished design – shoot and 1 hour editing.

I hope it inspires you to find an image and to try and recreate it.