Year Two (17) – Getting creative

I wanted to create a poster for the Old Bakery Studio group which showcased photography and perhaps inspired people to come along to the group… I wanted to use photographs to do it, and had the idea to include a variety of images from the members of the group and the subjects that we covered to showcase the diversity of the program.

I wanted to capture a modern frame to showcase the images, so I photographed this empty block frame in a variety of positions.


White photo Frame

The groups is known for its biscuits and cake … so taking inspiration from a camera biscuit tin I wanted to capture the images coming out of the tin… so first I had to take the image of the tin and of course include some photographers.


Biscuit tin and tiny photographers

It was then time to combine the image in photoshoot a long with some images that the club members had taken along with the key details of location, cost, time and venue… this is the result….

  • I extended the image to a portrait format to fit an A3 poster
  • I choose to keep the background white so that if it is printed on a standard household printer the ink is minimal.
  • I added the photo frames above the biscuit tin sizing them all the same and layering them on top of each other.
  • I then added an image taken by a club member onto the various foam boards making sure they overlaid and covered a variety of genres.
  • I added text using a complimentary colour from the biscuit tin – including the name of the group, where they met, the cost, the timing and explaining the kind of things the group does
  • I added detail on the tin, edited out the tin’s details and included the logo from the FlickR group.

Poster Created in Photoshop

I then decided it would be a good idea to put the photo up on location… so I found a stock image of a bus stop on internet and added the new Old Bakery poster – so you can imagine what the poster might look like on location….  would it make you want to come along?


Poster on location – Old Bakery