Year Two (14) – Why photography matters

Every business sells itself by the impression it makes to its customers. The first impression that potential customers say is often the online presence – a great web site has to be designed to be mobile friendly, to be SEO and to look great and the first impression starts with the initial image.

I was asked to take some photos today of a self catering property in the New Forest to replace their old images online. The images that were on their web site were these:


Photos from 2010

With all images you are able to view the image properties – I know these were taken on a bright sunny day you can tell by the lighting and the shadows, but if I check out the meta data and I am able to find out that they were taken on a full frame camera, – a canon 5D with a EF16-35mm F2.8L lens. The ISO was about 640 and the F stop was the same throughout. It is a great bit of glass, but does it really sell the property…  not when you look close – the duvet is dated, the photographer took a selfie in the bathroom mirror, (you can see he used a tripod),  the windows are over exposed in the lounge and the colours are all over the place.

The day I attended it was cloudy and over cast – which was great cause it meant there were few shadows, and I used a flash to add some extra light indoors. I used a crop sensor camera – the 7D mark ii as I don’t own a full frame and amazingly the same lens.

The layout was very similar and there was key shots to capture different camera angles produce different results.

  • The outside shows plenty of parking, what you see when you arrive, I have added sky in photoshop and you are given the impression that it is a spacious bungalow.
  • Shooting lower in the kitchen and this now looks like a separate room from the lounge, you can see there is plenty of cupboards and work space.
  • The lounge, a closer crop gives the lounge a comfortable fee, you can see the tele has been updated in the last five years, the mirror’s change and if you look in the reflection you can tell there is some upstairs space available.
  • The bedroom is taken at a softer angle, there are two shots – one showing the luxury of the bed linen, so you know you will have a good nights sleep and the other a wider angle with the view beyond so you can see it is in a lovely quiet location. The change in bedlinen alone and the fact that the mattress base is no longer showing – gives a much homely feel to the image.
  • The bathroom is captured at a different angle – no photographer in the mirror! A white bathroom is still a white bathroom but the change of angles makes the space look bigger, the accent towel add’s a touch of colour, so helps the bathroom match the warm tones of the rest of the property.
The Firs

The Firs 2016

I wish every business would take their photography seriously, updating images as times change, fashion and furnishing changes are essential to good business and to show potential guests that the facilities are clean, fresh, modern and upto date.

More images from this shoot can be seen here: Firs Self Catering


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