Year Two (18) Fun at the Beach

I got to go to the beach to catch the end of a Coastguard incident in action .. I was late on scene, do did not get the best photos of the event but it did mean that I unexpectedly found myself at the beach – so the perfect opportunity to take some photos.

Coastguard incident

Coastguard Incident at Highcliffe – Team Debrief

I thought i would try something new – there were surfers in the water, I choose to sit among the rocks so that they had the sun behind them – and were sunlit, I used my tripod to steady the lens, and I choose Tv mode – my priority here had to be a shutter speed of at least 1/500 sec to capture the movement of the water, and al sevo focusing and rapid burst so that I could follower the surfer and anticipate the wave.

It was very relaxing and these are my highlights…

The challenge is to capture an interesting body shape that braks the line of the wave, and that captures the energy of the sea – I processed most of them in black and white as they had a very narrow colour palette.

I must come back and photograph a sunset!