Year 2 (06) – Salisbury Cathedral

I was not going to blog any more … however I want to keep taking photos and I find myself doing my 6th blog in 18 days … crazy!

At the weekend I headed off to Salisbury to view the 46th Annual Exhibition of the Southern Counties Photographic Exhibition, to see a selection of photos from over 35 different camera clubs and over 300 photographers. It was really interesting to such such a variety of subjects and images in one place and do many creative ideas – but the highlight for me was listening to the members of the public (non photographers) talk about why an image appealed to them and it was very much about their personal tastes, sometimes they could not understand the image as it was not visually clear, and other images they could not believe that capturing such an image was possible. It was also really interesting to compare the finishes and mountings on the different images and to work out what works, what draws you away from the photo and how important presentation is – if you are going to be showcased among other photographers.

I then decided as I was in Salisbury I would explore – it is a beautiful city, there was a market, lots of shops, loads of people, lots of historic buildings… lots of opportunities to create photos.


A walk around Salisbury and the river was very high

The water was rushing so fast under the watermill that I was able to take this shot handheld, in cloudy conditions with an ISO 100.


Water rushing out of Salisbury’s Water mill

I then decide to head over to Salisbury Cathedral and see if I could go inside. A black and white image of the Cathedral kind of reflects the cold mode of the day. It was really difficult to capture as although I was shooting with my wide angle lens all day (16-35mm) it was not really wide enough on my crop sensor camera.


Salisbury Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral are some amazing Cloisters, which you can walk round and explore. I was really lucky as it was a quiet day and was able to shoot this without any people getting into the image. It was a beautiful building.


A trip to Salisbury, the cloisters outside the cathedral

Inside the Cathedral it was much darker, and there were lots of interesting things to photograph and look at, as well as plenty of time to reflect and think.


Inside the Cathedral … prayer candles

I was surprised to see that it was still Christmas in the Cathedral – the tree was still up and the nativity scene.  The Cathedral font – designed by William Pye and installed in 2008 was really amazing – and worth visiting the Cathedral for .. it is a real focal point to the church and produces the most amazing reflections of the surrounding building.

It was a real challenge to balance the ISO with the depth of field and the shutter speed to capture the detail in the water and in the pillars and windows of the Cathedral.


The font with the Christmas Tree reflected in it.

Turning round 180 degrees and looking towards the alter, I could see the Nativity scene in the centre of the nave and I could capture reflections of the stain glass window in the amazing font.

Salisbury Cathedral

Looking towards the alter and across the font

I thought I would have a go at seeing if I could photograph the choir area of the Cathedral – it was really dark, I choose a manual setting and took 40 images to join together as a panorama in photoshop. I choose ISO600, F4, 1/13 sec – hoping I cold handhold it and not get to much noise.

At full size – the image struggles – nothing is truly in focus, your eye is drawn to the person, which gives it a great sense of scale but it is not sharp enough for me, but compressed down as a web image – I am surprisingly pleased with the result.


40 images merged in photoshop off the choir area of the Cathedral

This is a another hand held panorama – three images high – 37 images in total –  that I have stitched together in photoshop. I was really lucky as it was such a quiet time to visit, and I have not had to remove any people – I have left a couple in and the staff in the right of the image as I feel it add’s to the sense of scale.

I am really pleased with this photo – I made the camera work for me to get a result without blown highlights – there is still some detail on the windows and for the choir area to be in shadow but not completely dark. Settings were ISO800, F5.6, 1/25sec – and the exciting part is that you never can tell what the image will look like until after you have stuck it all together …

I am now curious to see what this image looks like in print, and will have to go and explore some more amazing buildings … have you any suggestions?


Salisbury Cathedral panorama


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    Absolutely beautiful church! Thank you for sharing, and I’m glad you’re “occasionally” blogging. :^)

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