Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2016 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2016 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Year Two (12) – Studio Photos and focusing

Another studio session with the Old Bakery – the idea tonight being a little bit Marilyn, trying different shots with the same model that we used last time. This time the challenge was for a group of photographers to take turns nicely and not over the flashes and at the same time create a shot […]

Year Two (11) – New Forest Landscapes

I often photograph the New Forest, I rarely get up early to photograph the forest, but I joined up with three photographers from the Old Bakery group to visit the Northern Commons area of the New Forest.  Today the weather was not perfect, but that did not mean there was not a photograph to be […]

Year two (10) – Live Bands

I was asked to shoot a promotional video for a fantastic up and coming band for them to send off to Jooles Holland – and had a fantastic evening with both my DSLR camera’s – one set up for still images and the other for video. The sound track was to be added later in […]

Year Two – January

I am going to keep taking photos… but instead of blogging, I am going to share a photo from everyday I have managed to capture one or edited one throughout the month … add them to this blog whilst I can and share them on the last day of the month! Limiting myself to just […]

Year Two (09) – Film Noir

Another exciting evening at the Old Bakery and this time with the help of Lucy and a grand piano it was time to dip into the darkness and have a go at my own take on Film Noir style images. Black and white traditionally – but to great shots you need to include the whole […]

Year 2 (o8) – Mist at Gatton

Last Saturday morning I was woken by a surprise phone call at 6am. My neighbour and friend was at the airport off to warm clients and had forgotten her passport – and wondered if it was on the bed… it was … So i enjoyed a lovely sunrise from my position on the motorway as […]

Year 2 (07) Live Bands

Old Bakery studio and a new challenge – a new venue, limited time, group shots and having to use flash… and a group of photographers who also want to get the shot! The aim of the evening’s activity was to capture some bands in a music studio – either posing for shots as a group […]

Year 2 (06) – Salisbury Cathedral

I was not going to blog any more … however I want to keep taking photos and I find myself doing my 6th blog in 18 days … crazy!

Year Two (05) – Seascape challenge

The challenge to step outside my comfort zone continues, in the hope that it will make me a better photographer or more aware of the shot I want to create, so when one of my photographer friends – Tim – a landscape photographer who I met through the Old Bakery group suggested joining him on […]

Year Two (04) – Pixel Stick, Light Stick and City Streets

Have you see the videos online demonstrating a pixel stick… do you know what one is? It is a light stick designed for light painting which can be used to project images infront of the camera which are not visible to the naked eye. They are really expensive… but when the opportunity arose to see […]

Year Two (03) – Studio Creatures

I was back at the Old Bakery photostudio this week with the chance to photograph some stick insects, millipedes, scorpion and giant spider, it was a great evening, but this time I felt much more in control.

Year Two (02) – My collection

The first challenge that Emma has set for the #AyearWithMyCamera project is to create a collection. My first thought was dread … taking a photo and blogging about it everyday suddenly seemed easy as now I need to plan.. I need a theme, something that I can commit to and take a photo of regularly […]

Year Two (01) – Lovely Light at the Beach

I missed blogging, I have not yet made it to the end of day 5 but I miss the purpose it brings to my photography… I like not having to take a photo, and not having to explain why I choose to share or experiment in that way… and out on the beach today I […]