Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2016 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2016 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Year Two (39) – Starting to look at flowers

I am planning to have a few days out in the coming weeks taking photos of flowers – I won’t have any control of the light – other than the direction in which I take  create the images from – I am not in charge of the weather – so whether it is too harsh […]

Year Two (38) -Too much light

I live in a wonderful part of the world – the New Forest is a fantastic National Park and today I headed over in the afternoon sunshine to capture the landscape around the capital of the New Forest – Lyndhurst! Lyndhurst is a major access route to the New Forest, there is a High Street […]

Year Two (37) – Abstract Art

The topics for the Old Bakery are sometimes obscure and a little odd, sometimes you instinctively think that you know what you can create based on that theme,, others a little but more challenging – partly because you have to take all your equipment and props with you, and partly because it is how you […]

Year two (36) – Exploring somewhere new

I got to go to Newbury – my son was in in an international robotics competition so as well as being taxi driver I got to explore a new area and decided on an 18 mile walk along a canal. I had never really photographed a canal before – so this is a random selection […]

Year Two – April

April Highlights… I find it interesting when I look back at my monthly highlights to see what I enjoy taking photos of….

Year Two (35) – Playing in the Woods

I have been shown one of two different abstract effects recently that I you can take in camera, so this weekend I headed off to visit the bluebells with a prop, and some ideas to try something different. These are the results of my experiments. This is the same wood that I visited recently … […]

Year Two (34) – Learning your camera

Last night at the Old Bakery we had a go and capturing the moment with drops dripping and glasses smashing … there was only a limited number of people shooting due to the demands of the set up which meant there was a lot more time to talk to each other and to share knowledge […]

Year Two (33) – Understanding Light.

Last year I experimented with Eggs and the effects of aperture and shutter speed, this week on #Ayearwithmycamera – Emma challenged us to look at the direction of light and thought that this was a great opportunity to put my camera in manual and take it through its paces … and I thought I would […]

Year Two (32) Bluebells Revisited

It’s bluebell season – last year I took photos of bluebells at the end of April … and shared my topical post here and another one here – this year I knew I had to try again, to see what I remember from last year and to experiment more with different lens and because I […]

Year Two (31) Netherlands

An incredibly short break in the Netherlands saw us doing over 800 miles in the car and spending some time exploring with our god daughter, it is wonderful to be part of her life – frustrating at how well at 3 year old she can understand English and yet we struggle to communicate anything in […]

Year Two (30) – Almost One

A special friend of mine is one on Monday… and I got to have him all to myself at the weekend… so it was time to take some natural baby shots or play – I love this kind of photography, not staged, just natural – capturing moments that a parent would treasure and I really […]

Year Two (29) – Night time and ISO

A lovely evening stroll in the blue hour at Boscombe in Dorset, Boscome pier is an icon local spot that I have wanted to visit in the evening for a while … but I also wanted to try and capture a different view – to make my own image of the pier. I was without […]

Year Two (28) Food Photography

This week’s themed shoot at the Old Bakery is food photography, I have no idea what is planned as I am unable to tutor this week, so instead I decided I would try an Old Bakery food themed shoot at home and share it instead. There is a really simple post on food photography here […]

Year Two (27) – A local walk with a different view

Out with my 24-70mm lens and my Canon 5D MarkIII and I am in awe of the different view… I can’t believe how much more I can get in the frame of a good full frame camera and how much that changes the view …. I really and finding I am thinking about my images […]

Year Two – March

March – 31 days long….  I have not managed a photo everyday this month… life has got in the way of my photography, it took up more time that I intended and I have had a bug which totally knocked me out but hopefully the balance is now back…. but it has still been a […]

Year Two (26) – Back to basics

Photography has took a back seat for the last few weeks, I have been ill – I am still fighting it, I have had loads on work wise and I have been challenged to work out what is important and what direction I want to take things in… and have added up more muddled than […]

Year Two (25) – Smoke and Lighting

Today’s challenge at the Old Bakery today was to work with smoke and lighting. Karen did a fantastic set up which involved so lettering laser cut out of some acrylic, which was then back lit and with smoke side lit added. An experiment with filters controlling the colour of the light.

Year Two (24) Dry Ice and flowers

Old Bakery photoshoot time … and this week there was a lot of new members and plenty of familiar faces… this week we had three set ups- Richard focused on bubbles, had a bubble machine running and was encouraging people to capture a bubble, John was playing with water droplets on flowers with a white […]

Year Two (23) – My first cake smash

On my photography wish list was a cake smash – and this week I pushed myself once again to tackle my very first cake smash and photoshoot in Freddie’s home… I knew what I wanted to achieve and it really dependent on whether Freddie would participate – but his mum was keen to have a […]

Year Two (22) – Off Camera Flash

Last night I spend the evening with mt Canon 7D mark ii, my Canon 600 Ex-RT Speedlite and my new C-stand, which enables me to use the flash off camera in better positions, and I can already see what a difference in will make to the images I create. I tried something new last night, […]

Year Two – February

One photo a day from February…. and what a variety … I am still blogging a lot more than I though I would be, but I am also experimenting more and trying new things in photography and in the software… What I have realised this month is that I need to make time to photograph […]

Year Two (21)- Creative Advert Challenge

This week a challenge was posted on the Old Bakery photo group forum to find an advert online and then recreate in the studio with the help of free stock images, a little imagination and lots of enthusiasm. There was lots of discussion online but three of the images that were chosen for the evening […]

Year Two (20) Something Different

Today I thought I would rise to a new challenge recently I have seen various images of Facebook and social media platforms that are gif’s and there forever have an element of animation – on further investigation I discovered the technique known as Cinemagraph – I found a helpful instruction movie and decided to give […]

Year Two (19) Coastal Sunsets

It was great to see Gavin Hoey share a video last weekend on creating sunsets in my home town – although the day he visited the sunset was somewhat lacking … but he offered a great reminder of how you can enhance them in Lightroom. Gavin’s video in here: Gavin Hoey Sunset Video All these […]

Year Two (18) Fun at the Beach

I got to go to the beach to catch the end of a Coastguard incident in action .. I was late on scene, do did not get the best photos of the event but it did mean that I unexpectedly found myself at the beach – so the perfect opportunity to take some photos. I […]

Year Two (17) – Getting creative

I wanted to create a poster for the Old Bakery Studio group which showcased photography and perhaps inspired people to come along to the group… I wanted to use photographs to do it, and had the idea to include a variety of images from the members of the group and the subjects that we covered […]

Year Two (16) – Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day – a day for spending time with the people you love and the things you enjoy. The perfect icon image for Valentine’s day are roses, I was lucky enough to receive some, so it was time to take out my camera, set up a studio and have a go at some high […]

Year Two (15) – Frogs and other reptiles

Another old bakery session, but this time with a twist – one end of the hall was set up with a tether computer, studio lights and props and my end of the hall – I shared the space with John – where we were using glass, speedlites and some natural props I had round up […]

Year Two (14) – Why photography matters

Every business sells itself by the impression it makes to its customers. The first impression that potential customers say is often the online presence – a great web site has to be designed to be mobile friendly, to be SEO and to look great and the first impression starts with the initial image. I was […]

Year Two (13) – 1 day 12 photos

On the first of Saturday of the month there is the #1day12photos challenge on Instagram, I have done it before but today I thought I would try it with a twist … on my must do list was the followings tasks: Experiment with my 100mm macro lens before my next macro studio session Use my […]