Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2016 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2016 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Year Two (67) – Photos matter

Photos matter – they really do matter – when you are an online business marketing your product then the right image that the person sees when they first click on your page actually makes a difference to whether they read the content or not, and whether that first impression leads to a sell. I was […]

Year Two (66) – Silhouettes

Underexposing in the camera can make some great silhouette style images which can tell their own story, the ideal time is at dusk so you can capture the vibrant colours of the sunset.

Year Two (65) – Colour

Back home and time to enjoy the flowers … my home town looks pretty and I just thought I would use today’s blog post to share some of the amazing flowers I spotted on my walk into town.

Year Two (64) – Still Smiling in Wales

I have a clever husband – he managed to rig me up a slow warming dry box in the awning of the tent, I removed the media and batteries from my Canon 5D mark III and left my camera there hoping it would somehow magic itself back to life and the Error20 – mechanical failure […]

Year Two (63) – Go Pro or Go Home!

For about 2 years my husband has owned a Go Pro – I have finally borrowed it and decided to challenge myself to use it – I don’t like the fact that you have very little control over what you take to a certain extent, but I do like the fact it c an give […]

Year Two (62) – Wet Wales

A few days away with my Border Collie, 2 of the teens and hubby camping with the challenge of doing the World’s Highest Zip Wire, walking up Wales’ tallest mountain and of course creating some photos and memories to treasure. On the way we stopped off at the newly developed Corwen station

Year Two (61) – On the Solent

A spur of the moment trip to the Island by bike and the only option was the Canon G7X – it is not my big camera, it does not have a huge lens, it only has an LED screen so it is a bit like guess work …  but it does take photos in Raw  […]

Year Two (60) – London Sights

Following on from the transport of London, I used the opportunity of my visit to record some different views of the familiar sights of London some of which I visited for the first time. This is Queen Elizabeth park where the London Olympics were held, the sweeping lines and wide spaces provide lots of opportunities […]

Year Two (59) – London Transport

A trip to London is a great reason to take a variety of photos of transport – as I live in the countryside, visiting a city location offers lots of challenges, so I decided to take a selection of images based loosely around the transport theme, I was limited to my 24-70mm lens and the […]

Year Two (58) – Adding Extra

Taking photos is fun, deciding on ways to use and share those photos is even better – and the recent shoot that I undertook made me think it was time to add some more images to my greeting card collection – and the frogs jumped to my attention.

Year Two (57) – Reptiles again…

An evening an Old Bakery taking photos of reptiles on various set ups – there were three set ups – two with studio lights and one with flash – the one with flash was my set up and involved a light box and one flash … I had brought along various props and Richard provide […]

Year Two – June

June…. hopefully will end better than it started! And I am glad to see it has… what an amazing month to take photos… I photographed my first badger I spent a couple of days exploring the Purbeck coastline I got to go to Pembrokeshire and photography Puffins I have completed a variety of commercial work […]

Year Two (56) – Inspired

Following on from yesterday’s post, I took a walk with my camera along the shingle bank at Keyhaven to Hurst Castle and just thought about what about what I could photograph, I thought about recording the moment, I remembered back when there was an old building on the spit which was washed away by the […]

Year Two (55) – Learning

Monday night was members night at Southampton Camera Club, where 4 brave (or foolish) club members stand up in front of the rest of the membership and share something fascinating about their photography, and what an enlighting evening it was… with members talking about a variety of topics. Colour Calibration


Year Two (54) – Puffins

A bucket list opportunity to visit Skomer Island and see the Puffins. Skomer is about 6 hours from where I live, it is an island and only has about 150 people land on it every day – once you are there, you are there until your return boat….  for me that is a real challenge, […]

Year Two (53) – A badger

This for me is a wow photo. I had never seen a real wild badger until this year, then whilst in Purbeck the other weekend, a badger darted out in front of us and I saw my first one… I never got a photo but I got an experience.

Year Two (52) – Poppies, after the rain

I found a field of poppies 🙂 right after it rained, which meant that the delicate poppy flowers were suffering from rain and wind damage – so they were not perfect… but as I was a long way from home, I decided that it was still worth taking the opportunity to take some photos. It […]

Year Two (51) – Lauren

Off to the Old Bakery last night and the theme was dancing – we had two dancers turn up, but I focused on only one of them – Lauren. I picked her up before the shoot, and discovered she had never had her photo taken as a dancer / model and she was a little […]

Year Two (50) – Reptiles, Raptors and Owls

I had the opportunity to attend another Photo Experience Day at Liberty’s and had a fantastic time getting up close to a variety of creatures. An experience day is an opportunity to get closer or to be shown a different view of things to photograph – it is not really a day where you are […]

Year Two (49) – Wheels

I visited the Wheels Festival at Bournemouth at the weekend and had an amazing time … I am not a car fan, but I  do like taking photos and challenging myself to take different images and spending the day experimenting with my camera made me realise how far my photography has developed since I last […]

Year Two (48) – Purbeck Hills and Coast

I escaped for a few days away enjoying the Purbeck Hills and coastline – the challenge for any traveling photographer is what kit to take and what to use … I was really pleased with my selection and think I got it right for the locations I was visiting… so I thought I would share.

Year Two (47) – Creative Buttercups…

One challenge of photography is to try and look at things differently – you can easily get in a creative rut by doing the same thing and taking photos at the same angle – so I headed out in the sunshine with my Nifty 50 lens, with the aim to choose a spot – sit […]

Year Two – May

One month seems to slip into another with a never ending clock ticking at the moment, and before I know it I have missed the photo opportunities of the month. Last year when I was doing a post every day I found I had so much more time time for photography than I do now, […]

Year Two (46) – Garden Birds

A selection of bird photographs from my garden experimenting with Shutter priority mode and raising the ISO to keep the aperture wide.

Year Two (45) – A trip to the beach

I headed to the beach… I took my camera, I was not really sure what I wanted to capture today, other than some photographs … I ended up enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air and taking a variety of images and experimenting!

Year Two (44) -Moments to treasure

Photography for me is about capturing moments, moments that tell a story, moments that one day become memories and moments which at the time can be everyday occurrences – that are easily forgotten as our children grew. Often as a photographer you get to do head shots, family group shots, weddings, cake smashes, new borns […]

Year Two (43) – Controversial

Today’s post is more controversial than usual, it is not necessarily a nice topic and perhaps is not for the person who is easily offended – so if you are then please do not click read more… However there are times when all photographers have to photograph things outside there immediate comfort zone, maybe they […]

Year Two (42) – Cake Smash

I love taking photos of young children, especially capturing moments that families can look back on and remember the memories, and I wish I had the skills back when my children were small to capture the images I would have liked to have had, alternatively I wish I had had the money to pay a […]

Year Two (41) – Photo Buddy is back!

Photobuddy is back and is the star of today’s photoshoot, I wanted a focal point in the bluebell wood and my border collie was a willing model… well put it this way, he was keen to come for a walk and was happy to have the camera pointed in his direction, whereas the rest of […]

Year Two (40) – More flowers

My mum likes to explore gardens, I like to take photos – so today’s challenge was to try and combine the two and to take various photos of the gardens we were exploring. Today’s visit was to Furzey Gardens in the New Forest – it is a charity run garden which is home to  the […]