Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2016 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2016 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Year Two – September

The ninth month, highlights from September. Weddings, weddings and more weddings… Outside Events Hi Key Shots and product photography Birthday Parties Low Key shots and working with models A trip to London

Year Two (113) – London

Trying to get a different view of London is always a challenge and this time I found a view that was new to me…. and during this visit I only really had time for a short walk on the South Bank. The sky started off grey and uninspiring, I tried looking for patterns and although […]

Year Two (112) – Studio Shoot about working with models

Sometimes it is great working with other photographers and some times it is a challenge,  … the evening brief was “a night with models in the studio, how to place,communicate and work with models. Cameras will be required and they will be available to photograph during the second half of the evening”

Year Two (111) – Nakd

Mmm… nakd photography…  this shot is all about keeping the camera settings exactly the same and just moving the light and of course nakd … so read on 🙂

Year Two (110) – More Family Fun

I love taking photos of children having fun and I love doing cake smashes.. this time I got to spend the afternoon with the little girl on her birthday to take some great photos… I love the challenges the shoot presents, the interactions and the moments…

Year Two (109) – Still Life

Straight out of camera shots for product photography, getting the right light in camera makes editing a doodle – well, actually it reduces the editing to about nothing… today I was reinforcing the basics: Set the white balance with the grey card Exposing the background so the whites were white but not blown Lighting the […]

Year Two (108) – Grey Card

I used my grey card today to check and set up my exposure for a photoshoot using my Hi-Lite and soft box. It is really easy to do, and it is a great way to ensure that the light is balance correctly. For the grey card to be exposed properly I am aiming for a […]

Year Two (107) – High Key animal portraits on location!

I have just got myself a great new hi-lite box which enables me to create a fantastic studio hi key background in a very minimal space, so I have a portable studio I can take pretty much anywhere, and create amazing hi key images. My challenge is to master putting it back in the bag […]

Year Two (106) -Product Photography

I went along to meet up with a small group of photographers in Fareham to have fun with flash, as I find it really beneficial to work with other photographers and learn some tips from those that are willing to share their knowledge. Simon was a great host and was able;e to gauge the ability […]

Year Two (105) – Romsey Show

It is great to be invited along to take photos of one of the largest one day shows in England to take photos of the awesome 7th Wave Events team at work and some highlights from the show.

Year Two (104) – Wedding Details

It is also a great pleasure to photograph a wedding, but what makes a wedding special and unique to the couple in my opinion are the little details that they have created to make their day their own, and it is essential as a photographer to capture some of those movements, some of those looks […]

Year Two (103) – The ring shot

I wanted to work our how to take an iconic shot of a wedding ring, that makes a heart … so it was time to take a few moments to experiment. I used a bible, the flashlight on my i phone, I wanted to be able to recreate it in any situation… so it had […]

Year Two (102) – Fancy a coffee?

The lengths we go to for a perfect cup of coffee … how you choose to light a photo, create an image and develop your style is also a bit like how you drink your coffee … some like an expresso – a dark moody shot, others before a flat white – a shot with […]

Year Two (101) – Flash Selfie

Basic to basic on working with flash and taking control.

Year Two – August

The eighth month… and a round up of some of the highlights The professional photographer for a local event On location photography fun Published in the paper making the front page! Experimenting more with flash

Year Two (100) – Flash experiments

At the moment I have been taken pictures less and looking at light more, and experimenting with flash… I want to master better control over the light and get the light working for me… so I have been experimenting. I started by using the grey card to set the exposure for the shot…I was shooting […]

Year Two (99) – Working with an assistant

Working with an assistant is great fun, not only do you have company on the shoot, some one to watch your back whilst you are creating images you also get to have your photo taken in action and you get to exchange ideas. Our equipment: Canon 5D mark iii 28-300mm  canon lens Canon 7D mark […]

Year Two (98) – A beautiful Building

In 1995 I married my husband in our Parish Church, and recently I was invited back to take some photographs of the building… it is a beautiful church  and was built in 1859. It is a grade II listed building designed by the architect Charles Edward Giles, it has been largely unchanged since it’s original […]

Year Two (97) – Off to the Zoo

Marwell Zoo, August, a hot sunny day and a photographic challenge – not only were the animals hiding from the sunshine … when they were outside there was harsh shadows to deal with, lots of people bustling around and a real restriction in the ability to get the shot I wanted. The animals were more […]

Year Two (96) – Fun at the Park

A bright sunny day and a trip to the park to capture some memories of a family having fun, it was a great day – lots of challenges, freezing the moment, capturing the dynamic range of the shots, capturing fun – focusing on my subjects and trying to exclude the other people there… and looking […]

Year Two (95) – Fields of Yellow

I have notice on my wonder thought facebook some of my friends showing photos of sunflowers and thought I would capture some too… and add some sunshine…

Year Two (94) – Studio Children

I love working with flash rather than studio lights as I think it is so much more portable… but you can create the studio high key look really well… but there are some tricks to getting the eye contact that you need to make the image work.

Year Two (93) – Fun at the park

I love just capturing the moment … using the camera to capture families having fun, enjoy themselves and their children in a natural way… to me these are the shots that tell the story, that capture the moment, the enjoyment and the story… Some favorite moments from a Family Picnic Styled Photoshoot. The interaction between […]

Year Two (91) – Testwood Lakes and a glimpse at the past

Hubby suggested going for a walk… 13km later after a lovely walk and a chat, I was pleased to being able to view some lovely photos all taken on my 24-300mm lens. – it was a lovely walk incorporating the River Test and Testwood Lakes wildlife reserve.

Year Two (90) – Location Photography

I love being on location and taking amazing photos … this time I got to tag along on a visit to a local activity farm with the mission of capturing the toddler meeting the animals and enjoying himself. I was trying to shoot without distracting other visitors and without including them in the shot – […]

Year Two (89) – Donkey Derby

It is great fun being the official photographer at the very first Donkey Derby of my home town, the challenge is to create a wonderful album of memories that celebrate the event, show off the crowds, capture people enjoying themselves, celebrate the winning moments and of course make you wish to be there next time…

Year Two – July

Where is time going… the months are just whizzing past… 19months after starting my photography blog, and I think things are clicking into place!

Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.

Year Two (87) – Scavenger Hunt Revisit

A year ago my camera club did a scavenger hunt – earlier this week they repeated the activity, only this year fewer members came along for the challenge -and I have come to realise very few photographers in the group taking photos out of their preferred subject but for me that is part of the […]

Year Two (86) – Water Play

Toddlers are fun, two little boys playing in a paddling pool is great fun, but as I had no choice over the setting and we were in bright sunshine with a bright pink paddling pool, the shoot cause for some creative thinking – a reflector put the pool in the shade, adding some fill flash […]