Day 362 – Christmas Walk

A great way to blast the cobwebs out and to burn some calories for the Feast ahead is a walk along the coastline – this two mile stretch of Shingle bank is a place I have offered photographed this year… so I am back again to capture the grey skies and winter atmosphere.

I have not used my 28-300mm lens for while, so I decide to make that the lens of choice and take only that with me… it is was interesting to see how not using it for a few weeks impacted on the images I created.

View to the Needles - ISO400, f13, 1/400sec

View to the Needles – ISO400, f13, 1/400sec

The view to the Needles – the above image is in colour, just as I took if in camera but with grey cloudy skies, the island in mist and the grey skies being reflected in the sea it is almost a black and white.

Hurst Castle - ISO200, F13, 1/80

Hurst Castle – ISO200, F13, 1/80

The dull colours meant that there were no shadows on the castle, and as I approached along the shingle bank I was able to capture the scale of the castle alongside the lighthouse. I quickly worked out this was the lowest I could push the ISO too if I wanted to have an image with a fast enough shutter speed to reduce any camera blur.

The fishing nets - ISO2500, F6.3, 1/640sec

The fishing nets – ISO2500, F6.3, 1/640sec

Round the back on the castle there was some fishing net caught up on the groins, the waves splashing through the net I felt would make an interesting image – so I knew instantly I needed a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the water, and a shallow aperture as I did not want all the net in focus, a quick change of settings and I was really pleased with the result.

The uncpvered shore - ISO800, F11, 1/250sec

The uncovered shore – ISO800, F11, 1/250sec

Round the back of the castle a lot of the beach had been eroded away – so this is more a record shot of the new shoreline, but I did think about my positioning an end crop so got quite low to the beach so that the Island behind was on a separate layer.

The Lighthouse - ISO800, F3.4, 1/3200sec

The Lighthouse – ISO800, F3.4, 1/3200sec

The Lighthouse, but thinking differently I choose to focus on the beam and rocks in the foreground, hoping yo just give an impression of scale. I had to use a fast shutter speed here as I was precariously balanced.

The fishig buoy - ISO800, F14,1/125sec

The fishing buoy – ISO800, F14,1/125sec

My final photo before the blustery walk back – I just had to capture the fishing buoy which had been washed ashore against the castle behind. A view that not many people would think to capture, although I think I cut the top of the picture a little too tight!

I hope you get out to enjoy a walk over the Christmas period and get to take some photos too.


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