Day 355 – Chocolate Pudding

My daughter’s been cooking, she is hosting a dinner party tonight – pudding looks amazing!

This is a lovely chocolate orange mousse that my 16 year old daughter made – lit on the left with window light, and a low powered flash, resting on a baking tray with black mounting board behind and to the right.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6597-2

Birthday Mousse

Changing the crop and the angle of the composition effects the shot, and it is important to include the cancle flame but not to let the flash over power it.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6591-1

Chocolate and Orange Mousse

Adding some oranges to the shot add’s some colour and vibrancy to the image – I am using Manual F8 1/250sec and ISO 100 with off camera flash at1/64th setting. This shot really highlights how essential it is to find fresh and vibrant items for food photography – the oranges look past it!

PhotoChallenge-still life-6587-14

Adding interest.


PhotoChallenge-still life-6587-Edit-13

Edited in photoshop and lightroom

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